Thursday, 14 September 2017

Cold Light

A soft laugh carries across the broken ground
Where water laps against dirt
Tinged red as a pale rose
Washed with the light of a setting sun
Across the stream the first faint glow of the moon
Ready to bathe the world in the cold, harsh light
Of truth
The laugh continues
Broadened by a soft wheeze
As the sun sinks lower and moon rises
Colour leeches from the world
Draining slowly away to leave shades of silvery grey
But the soft laugh stays
Unchanged by truth
For what is laughter but a shield of truth?
in the stream a stone rises slowly
Glistening in the silver light
Darkly glowing and moist
Upon the stone sits a man
Often mistook for statue he sits
And laughs
Tears run down his face leaving dark trails
That slowly fall into the water below
Endless flows from where once eyes sat and saw a world of life
Now empty and bare
For he wished but once to see
What was hidden and lost
He wished but once to know
All that had once been thought gone
But once did he wish to see the truth
Now he sits and laughs softly
Unmoving and stone
As the cold light of night rises

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

You are there

The night grows old, yet
My mind wanders still
Chasing after such dreams as may be found
Scattered and cast aside
Left behind when nightmares were formed
as shattered pieces merge and flow
Pathways form for briefest moment
Followed by my mind
As it ventures far from home
Perhaps to return unchanged
But likely not
in the darkest night where minds are lost
You are there
Eyes shining bright

A pain so deep that numbness is an eternity away, yet
To be numb would be a blessing
Sent from the heavens far above
To cast a shadow on one trapped in the eternal fire
Nerves raw with tension finely strung
No sound permitted here
Not even a whimper may escape
For that fleeting moment of release
May yet unleash the tide
But sweet release, longed for and denied
May be bought, for a moment now
With the simple pleasure of pain unbound by feeling
In the realm where pain has overcome
You are there
Soft gentle touch

In the land of dreams I am caught
Trapped in the beguiling web
Of fantasies and horrors
That could never be, yet
They exist
Perhaps in search of my wandering mind
I am lost
Amongst paths identical and flawed
Leading not to where my heart desires
But to where I fear I belong
Trapped once more in a maze of broken mirrors
Reflecting my inner eye to show me what I know to be true
Casting no shadows as even light is lost
And fades away
In that moment where I remain, abandoned to my fate
you are there
Soul of pure fire
And I am found