Friday, 19 August 2016

Lie to Me

Lie to me
Tell me the world is just, and fair
And full of people who care
That it's okay to hold my teddy bear
When I can't sleep and I'm scared
Say you'll come with me to the next fair
That you'll help me colour my hair
Promise that you'll see me there
And help me hid when music blares

Lie to me
You're okay, it's just a cold
That puts our weekend plans on hold
But hey! Next you'll say we're getting old
Instead we'll go together, bright and bold
To the store where all those toys are sold
That big set, can I put it on hold?
You'll pay it off soon, the man is told
A strange feeling, your hand so cold

Lie to me
Tell me that you're pushing through
The way you always do
Make me believe it's true
Not a single doubt that you
Will com back, and show out of the blue
The ways in which you love me too

Lie to me
One last time