Saturday, 25 June 2016


Clouds stir in the gentle light of distant moon
Lone bird cries to greet the passing of the day
Sister moon rises higher in the sky
Atop the highest mountain I pray

The light that shines so soft a glow
The world awash with shades of grey
Broken by a flash of light
It is with you my thoughts stay

Not hot nor cold upon my lofty seat
As stars turn and wheel above
Lost in time and though I am
Eyes closed, yet I see that which I love

Sister moon blinks, the light is dim
As clouds pass across her face once more
For an eternal moment all is silent dark
I wonder, what is it for?

This journey brought me to this peak
Far beyond the rest of the world
To this place, this time, this moment now
Where no one else can be heard

Alone, I sit with sister moon
Alone, I stay this night
Alone, in silent stillness
In silence that I might

Hear your voice once more this life
Though distant shores you stride
Upon this lonely mountain peak
I feel you by my side