Sunday, 26 July 2015

Bitter Tears

Author's Note: This piece is completely fiction.

The bitter tears lie salty on my lips
Remembrance of a near-forgotten kiss
With one that once was loved beyond a doubt
Memory now the heart carved gently out
But sliding forth in subtle shades of grey
A thought that might appear both night and day
With no direction from my conscious mind
This thought that is the opposite of kind

I weep as once again it comes to fore
As it has done again and more before
The tortures that my mind will bring to me
The pain and suffering will not let me be
Do I deserve to suffer in this way
Can I convince these thoughts to stay away

The tears that fall burn traces down my skin
Pathways traced remind me of the sin
Continuing to haunt me in my dreams
This curse will continue for life it seems
Unclear, I do not know what can I do
To push away these thoughts and dreams of you

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