Sunday, 3 May 2015

So I Drew

Draw me the moon, she said
So I drew
Harsh silver light carving out every shadow
The world bathed in pale magnificence
Gouges and gashes clear on the face
As high above the horizon climbs
So I drew
Soft reflection on pond so still
Silver path leading to those standing near
Slowly they shed inhibitions
Slide into the water
Ripples now carve the glow into small patches of light
Separate yet one
So I drew
The last moment of light
As swallowed becomes the glowing orb
Hidden from view
The only illumination now the flash of terrible light
Heralding the approaching storm

Draw me the sun, she said
So I drew
A molten ball scorching the earth
Leaving nothing behind but dust and ash
So I drew
A light shining through the darkness
High in the sky
Casting warmth and love
So I drew
A red glow shading the sky with purple and pink
As the fading sun slowly slips behind the mountain

Draw me the world, she said
So I drew
A world filled with pain
Screams of those left unbroken fill the darkness
Mountains and valleys levelled into endless plains
The seas boiled dry and lifeless
So I drew
A world filled with joy
Thousands of souls singing in harmony
Vistas of endless beauty
Shared with the sun and the moon
So I drew
A world filled with life
Mighty mountains scaled by adventurers
Slums filled to the brim with despair
Countless people hiding from their own minds

Draw me, she said
So I drew
A majestic lady
Shrouded in darkness
Terrifying in aspect
Commanding in presence
So I drew
A quiet lady
Filled with soft confidence
Shining with love and determination
So I drew
A real lady
Filled with light
Filled with darkness
Filled with compassion
Filled with hatred
Filled with life

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