Sunday, 3 May 2015

Only She Can See

There she sits
Standing above all
Balanced delicately on bricks so high
Staring over a domain that only she can see
Under the brightly shining moon and stars

She arches her back
Stretches wings wide
Before carefully balancing again
Sure in every step as she paces along the wall
Eyes of shimmering blue and yellow gaze
Far into a distance only she can see

Whiskers twitch in quiet amusement
Her soft-padded feet move silently through the night
Stalking, only for pleasure yet with serious stare
Tail twitching with joy
Wings outstretched for balance
She hunts what only she can see

The moon slowly sets
The stars wheel and dance in the heavens
She stands tall and proud
With gentle shake of feathers
She flies
Far into the sky above
Where only she can see

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