Sunday, 3 May 2015

A Grey Day

A grey day dawns
The sun's rays cast no shadows
Bring no warmth to this place
Clouds colour the sky
The same grey as the dirt under feet
Shattered remnants of what was once

Trace down the slope to where the water lies
Still and unmoving in the faded light
Colours lost in the murky depths
Nothing to disturb the stillness

A single tree drinks here
Stunted and twisted
As it sought out what light it could
Yet finding ever that the light was gone
This way and that it turned in hopeless quest

If you dare approach the tree
Reach out to touch bark and wood
What then would you feel
If you dare taste the water
Bring it forth to lips
What then would you feel

No leaves adorn the tree
No grass softens the ground
No fish swim through water
No birds fill the air with songs of praise and joy
There are none now left

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