Sunday, 3 May 2015

So I Drew

Draw me the moon, she said
So I drew
Harsh silver light carving out every shadow
The world bathed in pale magnificence
Gouges and gashes clear on the face
As high above the horizon climbs
So I drew
Soft reflection on pond so still
Silver path leading to those standing near
Slowly they shed inhibitions
Slide into the water
Ripples now carve the glow into small patches of light
Separate yet one
So I drew
The last moment of light
As swallowed becomes the glowing orb
Hidden from view
The only illumination now the flash of terrible light
Heralding the approaching storm

Draw me the sun, she said
So I drew
A molten ball scorching the earth
Leaving nothing behind but dust and ash
So I drew
A light shining through the darkness
High in the sky
Casting warmth and love
So I drew
A red glow shading the sky with purple and pink
As the fading sun slowly slips behind the mountain

Draw me the world, she said
So I drew
A world filled with pain
Screams of those left unbroken fill the darkness
Mountains and valleys levelled into endless plains
The seas boiled dry and lifeless
So I drew
A world filled with joy
Thousands of souls singing in harmony
Vistas of endless beauty
Shared with the sun and the moon
So I drew
A world filled with life
Mighty mountains scaled by adventurers
Slums filled to the brim with despair
Countless people hiding from their own minds

Draw me, she said
So I drew
A majestic lady
Shrouded in darkness
Terrifying in aspect
Commanding in presence
So I drew
A quiet lady
Filled with soft confidence
Shining with love and determination
So I drew
A real lady
Filled with light
Filled with darkness
Filled with compassion
Filled with hatred
Filled with life


Shining, shimmering fragments fall
Forgotten and shattered dreams
Broken into shards of glass
Glowing in the light
Or burning passions
Once controlled and held
Now raging inferno

Slowly embers form
All that is left
A dull red glow still
Where once the fire roared
Sparks leaping towards the sky
filling the night with stars

All light now fades
Replaced with eternal night
A dreamless void where
All hope has faded
Underneath lies a thousand fragments
That once held life

Rain Falls

Rain falls
Cascading from unseen heights
Landing in soft cadence
Covering the darkness in silvery light
Washing away the dust of the day
Leaving surfaces clean and refreshed
Rain falls
A gentle murmur
Whispering in the night
Raising to a roar, before
Suddenly falling again to silence
The softest sound remains

Rain falls
Each drop brings life
Thirsty ground drinks
Relaxes as water pools
Deepens and flows
Streams form and join
As the rain falls 

A Gentle Night

A gentle night
In which to sit
And read by the fire
For in this night
The written word
Holds all my desire
To lose myself
In worlds away
From this one that I know
Adventure awaits
In these pages
Lit by gentle glow
So for this brief time
I'll steal away
Hidden from all around
Buried deep
Within my book
Making not a sound

Short Pieces

The road is long, it stretches far ahead
And longer must I walk before my bed
The setting sun itself will guide my way
As I keep on going through the end of day
My weary feet continue on their path
To know when it will end I dare not ask
All I can do now is to let them go
The fears and pains I nurtured and let grow

You walk now in lands far away from me
And lonesome I grow for your company
Each day I think of how we used to talk
Remember lessons that you softly taught
Now out amongst the stars you find your way
Between the sun and moon is where you stay
Each night I see you smiling down on me
I hear your voice when wind whispers in trees
And lighter then each time my heart becomes
Knowing one day we all shall be as one

Only She Can See

There she sits
Standing above all
Balanced delicately on bricks so high
Staring over a domain that only she can see
Under the brightly shining moon and stars

She arches her back
Stretches wings wide
Before carefully balancing again
Sure in every step as she paces along the wall
Eyes of shimmering blue and yellow gaze
Far into a distance only she can see

Whiskers twitch in quiet amusement
Her soft-padded feet move silently through the night
Stalking, only for pleasure yet with serious stare
Tail twitching with joy
Wings outstretched for balance
She hunts what only she can see

The moon slowly sets
The stars wheel and dance in the heavens
She stands tall and proud
With gentle shake of feathers
She flies
Far into the sky above
Where only she can see


An empty place where my heart once flew
With joy and love buoyed
Now I find there is naught but pain
Ashes left when it was destroyed

Ripped into pieces and scattered away
Each pain a single stroke
But a thousand pains, a million more
Became a  heavy cloak

When all that remains
Is the memory of a time
When I simply cannot
Find the strength to climb

What then left to do but listen
To those words kept hidden until now
Words hidden with purpose and reason
To listen would break a vow

Shattered then, that vow shall be
As the words are spoken
Let them wash over and stain as they will
Now that all is broken

The Earth Connects Us All

I wake up once more and reach out to find you
Only there is nothing in my arms, you are not there
For a moment I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders
Then I remember that we breathe the same air
Perhaps in a different place
Or in a different time
But we breathe the same air

I walk in a daze, my thoughts turning far away
Drifting here and there, in and out of smoke and bars
The world turning beneath my feet as I stand still
Then I remember that we walk under the same stars
Perhaps in a different place
Or in a different time
But we walk under the same stars

The empty forest paths become my friend
As I wander through the ancient growth
I pause in a small clearing, ready to weep
Then I remember that the moon shines down on us both
Perhaps in a different place
Or in a different time
But the moon shines down on us both

Hiding away all alone in my room
Feeling insignificant and small
But I smile and realise that I am not alone
I remember that the Earth connects us all
In a different place
In a different time
The Earth connects us all

A Grey Day

A grey day dawns
The sun's rays cast no shadows
Bring no warmth to this place
Clouds colour the sky
The same grey as the dirt under feet
Shattered remnants of what was once

Trace down the slope to where the water lies
Still and unmoving in the faded light
Colours lost in the murky depths
Nothing to disturb the stillness

A single tree drinks here
Stunted and twisted
As it sought out what light it could
Yet finding ever that the light was gone
This way and that it turned in hopeless quest

If you dare approach the tree
Reach out to touch bark and wood
What then would you feel
If you dare taste the water
Bring it forth to lips
What then would you feel

No leaves adorn the tree
No grass softens the ground
No fish swim through water
No birds fill the air with songs of praise and joy
There are none now left

To You

To you, my distant friend
I give the gift of my words
Of what I feel a small part
Perhaps a glimpse into my heart

There is so much I want to say
Yet my tongue remains twisted and tied
So as I write down these thoughts
My mind caught up in knots

I say then what I can say
At this point in time
Knowing full and well
It is only the tip of the swell

An ocean of thoughts and feelings
Lies hidden beneath a surface in turmoil
Still I find these waters you can calm
Your presence and words are a balm

In the madness of life and change
There is little that remains constant and fixed
The bond that we now share
Will remain, this I swear.


Rise and face the dawn
As the Sun breaks night's grip on Earth
Stars wheel and turn overhead
Fading in the soft and gentle light

Rise and see the world anew
As revealed it lies before you
Shaped in soft brushes it glows
Vibrant and full

Rise and hear the spirits sing
As they celebrate a life newly born
Each day is the start of a wondrous time
Listen to the songs of praise

Rise and feel a part of this world
A part of all that is seen or not
Join with all that surrounds you
Together in peace and joy