Sunday, 1 February 2015

Instrumental Music

I put together a list of instrumental music for a friend, so I figured I'd post here as well:

Untitled String Trio

Untitled Wind Trio

Reflections for piano

Ribhinn (Heather's Song) for wind quartet

Sarah's Song for piano

Lazy Afternoon for big band (live)

Aftermath for augmented string group

Dreaming for wind quartet

Watch the Dragons Fly for clarinet and cello

Wisdom for clarinet and viola

Beckoning Light for cello duet

Tears for wind trio

Riding Horses for recorder trio

Across the Misty Passage for recorder duet (live)

Love (suit) for clarinet

Mermaid for wind trio

The Heart Knows No Oceans for piano

Old Earth Suite for orchestra

May the wolves that prowl the night not find us, hidden by Your gentle gaze for cello trio

Sleep Not This Night, Lie Awake With Me for piano

Unseelie Court for wind quartet

Triumph for string quartet

The Lady Who Dreams for celeste and violin

The Questioning Suite for cello trio

The Questioning Suite for wind trio

Fractured for wind trio

For My Lady's Honour for wind trio

The Black Dog for wind duet

The Warrior's Resolve for sax trio

Come Dance With Me for piano and clarinet

Fae Thieves, Sidhe Spies for wind trio

Shadow for wind trio

The Prince for wind trio

Haunted Castle for wind duet

Searching (Lesley's Song) for cello and piano

Meditation in A for piano

Rolling River for wind quartet

Day Suite for piano

Autumn Thieves for recorder trio

Purple for recorder quartet

Divergence for clarinet and cello

Tears of Thought for jazz group

In the Deeps for cello duet

Through the Glass (Reaching but Never Touching) for cello and flute

Spy Battle Suite for string quartet

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