Wednesday, 21 January 2015

My Love

Some say love is a fire
Burning brightly for short time or long
To fade to nothing and die
Yet even as fire fades
Embers remain
Waiting to burst once more into life

Some say love is an ocean
Hidden depths and crashing waves
Tides covering and retreating
Yet every tide turns
Water covers land once more
As obstacles are worn away

Some say love is a journey
A passage with beginning and end
Shared for a time with another
Yet the journey does not need end
The goal is to travel and see
Not to reach a final point

My love is a fire
Burning bright and strong
Banked and waiting
Fueld with all that has worth
Sharing warmth and life

My love is an ocean
Running deep and unknown
Clear and warm
Tides come and go
The ocean remains

My love is a journey
Travelling to the end of time
With no destination in mind
Content to wander here and there
Share exploration

My love is not defined
My love is not bound
My love is not selfish
My love is strong and broad and deep and fragile
My love is

1 comment:

  1. I absolutely love how the poem ends so abrupt... I don't like that you're so good at poetry :P But seriously you are an amazing writer :) Keep it going <3