Sunday, 11 January 2015

Lady of the Woods

Lost, I wander through the woods
Where once I saw a maiden fair
I stumble over root and bough
But she is never there

I pause and sit upon a log
Fallen for many a year
soft and round with cov'ring of moss
I know that she is near

In the deepest places of the woods
Does my heavenly lady roam
Casting her spell on all that see
With no book, no scroll, no tome

What it is my wild lady does
Is more than magic plain
Of all those who speak to her
None are left the same

I watch with care for just a glimpse
As sun sinks and air turns cold
I watch now for the lady dear
Eternal, never grows old

I do not see my lady fair
In the woods today
But I feel her presence nonetheless
With the sun's last ray

As night closes on forest dark
A golden glow is shown
I may not see her, on this trip
But she made her presence known

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