Friday, 16 January 2015


The sun rises
I stand and raise my arms
Facing the rising light
Throwing my head back
I scream
Let lose all fear
All doubt
All things that are not pure
They rise to the sky
Burning in the light

My feet rooted to the Earth
I draw strength from Mother
Strength to cast out my demons
Throw them to winds
Let them find what freedom they can
No longer will they live inside of me

I bow my head with eyes closed
Clasp my hands in worship
Preparing myself
Steeling my heart and soul
For the final task

My eyes spring open
I raise my head high
I look for the future
And see it shining just in front of me
Each step I take is easier
Each step I take firmer
As I move under the bright-shining sun

I whisper a prayer
For my abandoned fears
For the demons now free
For the life that was
It is behind me now

I am renewed
I am alive
I am well

I have forgiven myself

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