Sunday, 26 July 2015

Bitter Tears

Author's Note: This piece is completely fiction.

The bitter tears lie salty on my lips
Remembrance of a near-forgotten kiss
With one that once was loved beyond a doubt
Memory now the heart carved gently out
But sliding forth in subtle shades of grey
A thought that might appear both night and day
With no direction from my conscious mind
This thought that is the opposite of kind

I weep as once again it comes to fore
As it has done again and more before
The tortures that my mind will bring to me
The pain and suffering will not let me be
Do I deserve to suffer in this way
Can I convince these thoughts to stay away

The tears that fall burn traces down my skin
Pathways traced remind me of the sin
Continuing to haunt me in my dreams
This curse will continue for life it seems
Unclear, I do not know what can I do
To push away these thoughts and dreams of you

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Darkest Night

In darkest night I find you
Rage that burns and binds you
Stays strong in the night
Watch as it takes flight
given form from dark desire
With cold and silent fire
In this realm in side my mind
Scream, silence is all you will find
For there is no escape from here
There is ever more to fear
As trapped you shall remain
Until finally you are drained
Of all life, all light, all joy
Cast aside as broken toys
Leaving naught but a shell
Ending in this hell
Of darkest night

Friday, 17 July 2015


I reach out with questing hands
Desperate to find you
Clutching at nothing I curse
You were not where I thought
In easy reach of my arms

You are as the mist that gently flows over the ground
As the moon slowly sets and sinks behind hills
You are as the amber glow on water still
Of setting sun slowly fading, soon to be gone
You are as the words from a lover's lips
Filled with meaning but passing into the air as nothing, too soon, ever too soon

I search through the night for you
From setting sun 'til dawn blazes in eyes bleary and red
Feet weary, stumbling steps slow as I move
A little further
A little further
You were not where I thought

You are not in the dark places of my mind
Where even the bravest fear to tread
You are not in the deep places of my mind
Where the light ne'er reaches for long
You are not in the lonely places of my mind
Where there is naught but ash and dust

I collapse and fall to my knees
Careless of any harm
For without you I am lost
Without you I am nothing more than flesh and bone
Without you I cannot live

I bow my head
I close my eyes
I hear your voice

A whisper in the night
A shout in the silence
A blinding light
A beautiful balance

You look at me with silent eyes
Hinting only at the mirth that lies inside
Smile with affection and warmth
Tell me without needing words
You are here
You were always here
Within my reach
Hiding not from me, if I would but open my eyes
And see

Monday, 1 June 2015

Mud - Part I

I was seventeen when I died.

There was nothing noble in my death. I had too much cheap brandy. I got into a fight with the wrong man. And I died, throat slit as cleanly as a sheep to the slaughter.
My family never even knew. I was dragged away and tossed in the river, with the rest of the trash. Nothing left of me. No one even bothered to steal my boots. Not they were worth much anyway.

I remember, in that moment when I lay on the ground rapidly bleeding out, wondering. Wondering what would come next. If there really was something more, or if this was simply the end. How long I'd last before my eyes closed for the last time.

I don't know. That's the truth. I don't know what lies beyond. Or maybe I don't want to know. I can't remember, in any case. I remember the pain was fading, I started to feel good. Blackness sank slowly over the world.

Then I woke up. Or came to. I was aware. Aware of a terrible hungriness.
Aware of being wet.
There was garbled chanting as well. Words that didn't make sense, words that sounded like they weren't even meant to be spoken. They scared me, deep inside.

It took me a while to realise something.
I wasn't breathing.
When I reached a hand up to feel my throat, I accidentally poked a finger inside. It felt strange.
I looked at my skin. It was pale and mottled. I'll be honest. I did not look good.

I was dead.

I'm sure you've heard stories.
Mad sorcerers, cackling away in the night as they raided graveyards.
Priests of nearly forgotten religions chanting rituals with black-clad followers, bathing in the blood of sacrificial victims.
An ancient evil summoning minions to work mischief on the land.

I didn't feel evil. I had no thirst for blood. In fact, I had no thirst for anything. No hunger. Just an endless emptiness. A desire for something that I could never again have.

But since I couldn't have that, I had to make do with what I could.

There are some advantages to being dead. Undead. Whatever the correct term, I found it useful to not need food, nor drink, nor really sleep. Sadly, the night still brought its gentle cloak over my eyes. When it was dark, I couldn't see any more than anyone else. So it was most often at rest that I would sit and think. Not much else to do. While there are no pains, there are also no pleasures of the flesh. When you're seventeen, or something like that now, that becomes a big deal.

The work was mindless and boring, but it kept us occupied.
Yes, us.
And yes, work.

I hadn't been brought back by an evil cult, or a rogue priest, or a lich.
I wasn't a minion of a sorcerer, ready to take on all enemies.
I was a factory worker. A dead factory worker. And I wasn't the only one.
There were hundreds of us. At least it felt that way. We weren't abused, any more than the living workers. We worked long shifts, had time off to sit and think. I wonder sometimes if it would have been better if they worked us to the bone, without that thinking time.
Thinking caused a lot of the problems.

It's possible you're wondering who raised me. I didn't, for the longest time. The mere thrill of existing was enough, then the work. But those breaks. The empty hours sitting, not breathing, just sitting. Left on my own, surrounded by others. Silence until one moved, then silence again. Roused by the bell, gently rung each time to shift us into action.
Another shift. Another series of meaningless tasks. Another session of silent contemplation of an
existence without life.

I'd heard the rumours. There were always rumours, of what the city folk got up to. Most of them were simply worth a laugh over a mug or two. But some...

Eating babies. Fairly certain that didn't take place too often. There were simply too many little kids running around the streets, getting in the way, making a mess. Everywhere.
The obsession with hats. Now that's a thing. Don't ask me, I think it might be fashion or something. But everyone wears a hat outside, even at night. Sometimes they look good, but mostly they're just strange.
They keep strange hours here as well. Most people seem to sleep through half the morning, and then stay out late at night. Well, they can do that, see, with all the lights around the place. And streets that are stone. Makes it a bit easier, you don't have to see where you're putting your foot down.
There was one more that none of us ever believed. It was just too outrageous, the sort of tale that you laugh about and move on to more believable stories of mermaids and sirens. City folk, someone would say in their best spooky voice. City folk sell their dead! If you managed to get through some details without laughing too loudly it was often worth a drink or two.

Thing is, these stories? They're true.

City folk do sell their dead. Worth a fair bit, actually.

Big business in the big smoke. Body traders will pay by weight and condition. Up in the Heights, there are fancy parties to celebrate when someone dies. Sponsored by the body traders often. Down below, there are still parties, but the family has to pay out of what they get. Not a fair system, but no one complains. A good young body is worth enough money to feed a family for a few months. Don't worry, the traders don't like taking young kids.

There are the black body traders. Don't ask about them. Don't talk about them. You didn't hear this from me, okay? Not for my protection, too late for that. For yours. Word is that if you ask too many questions, they may take you away... even if you haven't died yet.
They're the ones who got me. Dragged me out of the river, cleaned me up a bit, and sold me on. It could have been worse, I guess. I exist. It's better than the alternative, or so I hear. I'm still not sure if I believe that, even now. Especially now.

Anyway. The body traders, whoever they happen to be, take them. They clean them up, stitch up anything that might cause problems, grade them according to size and condition. Then... and then... There was... chanting. A darkness that became deeper, and deeper. And then...
They do what they do, and sell the labour.

See, the thing with the bodies is simple.
They don't eat, they don't drink, they don't sleep. They don't decay.
Sure, there's that little problem that with too much sunlight they stop working. But that's easy to fix, and it keeps them mostly out of sight. Out of sight and out of mind. Because that's the other thing that they don't do.
They don't think.
Or at least, they didn't. Empty shell, was how it was termed. Your loved one is at peace now, safe from an often hostile and harsh world. This is just the Mud they left behind, nothing more. Nothing in there, the soul had moved on to a better place.
Except when it didn't.

That's what started this mess. I still don't know what happened, what changed. Was it the ritual? A word mispronounced, mistimed, misunderstood? Some subtle and sinister adjustment? A change in the very nature of reality?
Or was it simply that nothing had changed. That every Mud that had ever been, each and every one was silently screaming.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

So I Drew

Draw me the moon, she said
So I drew
Harsh silver light carving out every shadow
The world bathed in pale magnificence
Gouges and gashes clear on the face
As high above the horizon climbs
So I drew
Soft reflection on pond so still
Silver path leading to those standing near
Slowly they shed inhibitions
Slide into the water
Ripples now carve the glow into small patches of light
Separate yet one
So I drew
The last moment of light
As swallowed becomes the glowing orb
Hidden from view
The only illumination now the flash of terrible light
Heralding the approaching storm

Draw me the sun, she said
So I drew
A molten ball scorching the earth
Leaving nothing behind but dust and ash
So I drew
A light shining through the darkness
High in the sky
Casting warmth and love
So I drew
A red glow shading the sky with purple and pink
As the fading sun slowly slips behind the mountain

Draw me the world, she said
So I drew
A world filled with pain
Screams of those left unbroken fill the darkness
Mountains and valleys levelled into endless plains
The seas boiled dry and lifeless
So I drew
A world filled with joy
Thousands of souls singing in harmony
Vistas of endless beauty
Shared with the sun and the moon
So I drew
A world filled with life
Mighty mountains scaled by adventurers
Slums filled to the brim with despair
Countless people hiding from their own minds

Draw me, she said
So I drew
A majestic lady
Shrouded in darkness
Terrifying in aspect
Commanding in presence
So I drew
A quiet lady
Filled with soft confidence
Shining with love and determination
So I drew
A real lady
Filled with light
Filled with darkness
Filled with compassion
Filled with hatred
Filled with life


Shining, shimmering fragments fall
Forgotten and shattered dreams
Broken into shards of glass
Glowing in the light
Or burning passions
Once controlled and held
Now raging inferno

Slowly embers form
All that is left
A dull red glow still
Where once the fire roared
Sparks leaping towards the sky
filling the night with stars

All light now fades
Replaced with eternal night
A dreamless void where
All hope has faded
Underneath lies a thousand fragments
That once held life

Rain Falls

Rain falls
Cascading from unseen heights
Landing in soft cadence
Covering the darkness in silvery light
Washing away the dust of the day
Leaving surfaces clean and refreshed
Rain falls
A gentle murmur
Whispering in the night
Raising to a roar, before
Suddenly falling again to silence
The softest sound remains

Rain falls
Each drop brings life
Thirsty ground drinks
Relaxes as water pools
Deepens and flows
Streams form and join
As the rain falls 

A Gentle Night

A gentle night
In which to sit
And read by the fire
For in this night
The written word
Holds all my desire
To lose myself
In worlds away
From this one that I know
Adventure awaits
In these pages
Lit by gentle glow
So for this brief time
I'll steal away
Hidden from all around
Buried deep
Within my book
Making not a sound

Short Pieces

The road is long, it stretches far ahead
And longer must I walk before my bed
The setting sun itself will guide my way
As I keep on going through the end of day
My weary feet continue on their path
To know when it will end I dare not ask
All I can do now is to let them go
The fears and pains I nurtured and let grow

You walk now in lands far away from me
And lonesome I grow for your company
Each day I think of how we used to talk
Remember lessons that you softly taught
Now out amongst the stars you find your way
Between the sun and moon is where you stay
Each night I see you smiling down on me
I hear your voice when wind whispers in trees
And lighter then each time my heart becomes
Knowing one day we all shall be as one

Only She Can See

There she sits
Standing above all
Balanced delicately on bricks so high
Staring over a domain that only she can see
Under the brightly shining moon and stars

She arches her back
Stretches wings wide
Before carefully balancing again
Sure in every step as she paces along the wall
Eyes of shimmering blue and yellow gaze
Far into a distance only she can see

Whiskers twitch in quiet amusement
Her soft-padded feet move silently through the night
Stalking, only for pleasure yet with serious stare
Tail twitching with joy
Wings outstretched for balance
She hunts what only she can see

The moon slowly sets
The stars wheel and dance in the heavens
She stands tall and proud
With gentle shake of feathers
She flies
Far into the sky above
Where only she can see


An empty place where my heart once flew
With joy and love buoyed
Now I find there is naught but pain
Ashes left when it was destroyed

Ripped into pieces and scattered away
Each pain a single stroke
But a thousand pains, a million more
Became a  heavy cloak

When all that remains
Is the memory of a time
When I simply cannot
Find the strength to climb

What then left to do but listen
To those words kept hidden until now
Words hidden with purpose and reason
To listen would break a vow

Shattered then, that vow shall be
As the words are spoken
Let them wash over and stain as they will
Now that all is broken

The Earth Connects Us All

I wake up once more and reach out to find you
Only there is nothing in my arms, you are not there
For a moment I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders
Then I remember that we breathe the same air
Perhaps in a different place
Or in a different time
But we breathe the same air

I walk in a daze, my thoughts turning far away
Drifting here and there, in and out of smoke and bars
The world turning beneath my feet as I stand still
Then I remember that we walk under the same stars
Perhaps in a different place
Or in a different time
But we walk under the same stars

The empty forest paths become my friend
As I wander through the ancient growth
I pause in a small clearing, ready to weep
Then I remember that the moon shines down on us both
Perhaps in a different place
Or in a different time
But the moon shines down on us both

Hiding away all alone in my room
Feeling insignificant and small
But I smile and realise that I am not alone
I remember that the Earth connects us all
In a different place
In a different time
The Earth connects us all

A Grey Day

A grey day dawns
The sun's rays cast no shadows
Bring no warmth to this place
Clouds colour the sky
The same grey as the dirt under feet
Shattered remnants of what was once

Trace down the slope to where the water lies
Still and unmoving in the faded light
Colours lost in the murky depths
Nothing to disturb the stillness

A single tree drinks here
Stunted and twisted
As it sought out what light it could
Yet finding ever that the light was gone
This way and that it turned in hopeless quest

If you dare approach the tree
Reach out to touch bark and wood
What then would you feel
If you dare taste the water
Bring it forth to lips
What then would you feel

No leaves adorn the tree
No grass softens the ground
No fish swim through water
No birds fill the air with songs of praise and joy
There are none now left

To You

To you, my distant friend
I give the gift of my words
Of what I feel a small part
Perhaps a glimpse into my heart

There is so much I want to say
Yet my tongue remains twisted and tied
So as I write down these thoughts
My mind caught up in knots

I say then what I can say
At this point in time
Knowing full and well
It is only the tip of the swell

An ocean of thoughts and feelings
Lies hidden beneath a surface in turmoil
Still I find these waters you can calm
Your presence and words are a balm

In the madness of life and change
There is little that remains constant and fixed
The bond that we now share
Will remain, this I swear.


Rise and face the dawn
As the Sun breaks night's grip on Earth
Stars wheel and turn overhead
Fading in the soft and gentle light

Rise and see the world anew
As revealed it lies before you
Shaped in soft brushes it glows
Vibrant and full

Rise and hear the spirits sing
As they celebrate a life newly born
Each day is the start of a wondrous time
Listen to the songs of praise

Rise and feel a part of this world
A part of all that is seen or not
Join with all that surrounds you
Together in peace and joy

Monday, 27 April 2015

A Tarnished Silver Dove

He was no hero, when was called to arms
By distant strife and war far from his farm.
Yet he took arms to save all that he held
Most precious in this world - for so he felt
That if he stayed behind to tend his home
Too soon he would but find himself alone.
When all was lost in battles far away
What matter then his land that he might stay.
This place that he had always called his own
Would now remain until he could return.

With gentle care did he prepare his pack
With only what was needed on his back.
The most precious items he always kept
Close to his heart. His mind could not be swept
Of memories and love that did abound
Collected over years, from all around.
But still he had one token of her love -
Next to his heart a tarnished silver dove.
'twas in her name he went away to fight
Thinking maybe now to put things right.
For long ago he made a choice and found
That once 'twas made could never be unwound.
And since that fateful night he turned aside
From pleasures that would take him from his mind.

So off he went to fight against a foe
Far distant to him. Who, he did not know.
Sufficient to him was it that he must
Go to war. His Lord he now would trust
To spend his life wisely. His one request
That there would be some purpose to his death.
Silently he joined with dozens more
His worn and dirty clothes were all he wore.
The weapons that they wielded barely shined
So old and rusty. Yet no one declined
To march as one holding their weapons high
Shouting brave defiance to the sky.
For none among them knew they would return
From this path. But not a one would turn
Betray his comrades? This no one would do
And so they marched together two by two.

On distant field two armies then did meet
The earth did shake beneath a thousand feet.
But who amongst the armies here did know
The face or name or reason of their foe.
A bloody clash. Men fought and died for hours
Until the ground seemed covered with red flowers.
The screams and cries of men sounded so loud
That rain was shaken down from high up cloud.
So in the mud the armies fought for long.
Closely matched, working out who was strong
Enough to hold the day against the foe.
Trickles became streams. Rivers did flow
Bright red for days. So villages were taught
That far away a battle had been fought.

In the bright sky now clear of clouds and rain
Far above where so many lay in pain.
Their torment clear to anyone who heard
Carried in their cries without a word.
All too soon the cries will fade away
As night falls, followed by another day
And there the brightly shining sun will find
The remnants of all those were left behind.
What grass there still remains grows fresh and green
Reminding that this field will soon be clean
With no more signs to mark the passing foes.
Only sad memories in those who know.
A splash of grey in otherwise bright sky
Can be seen, high, for any who should try
To see what most would never think to find
As they do travel through the world so blind.
And far above these blind folk, in the skies
A dove with tarnished wings of silver flies.

Saturday, 21 February 2015


In this dark night I feel the tensions build
As clouds up far above gather and fill
Twas night like this when Silence first was killed
'pon altar stone on far and distant hill

Was Silence only one that fir the bill?
Twas not there someone else that could have stood
In place upon that dark and lonely hill?
One such as I would be there if I could

To take the place as sacrifice, I would
For less am I than Silence, it is clear
That if I were to be there, when I should
Have laid myself on sacred altar dear

And then my purpose would have become known
Across the clouded sky I would have flown

Words To Make A Poet Weep

There are words to make a poet weep
And through my mind they gently creep
Before them lies fields of plenty
Yet after they pass all is empty
These words creeping must remain
Silent, unseen, 'tis part of their game
A source of joy they find this play
And in my mind they're wont to stay

When the mind turns to reflect inside
There is no place left the hide
For try as ever hard as you can
Regardless of every wile and plan
The mind knows itself to terrible degree
So these words laugh and cavort with glee
No passageways are hidden to them
No thickened walls their path can stem

A constant battle then, is found
Whenever these words are around
For linger they will with glee and hate
Not barred by any portal or gate
Sneaking in again and again
Until beyond all else they ascend
What then do these words utter in terrible moan?
I. Am. Alone.

Thursday, 19 February 2015


The sea is still
Distant moon's pale glow
Reflected on water
Meeting at world's edge
Not a cloud marrs
The view of the stars
Cold and alone this night

The air is still
Thick and heavy, it
Covers the ground
All that would move so
Nothing does

The ground is bare
Smooth rock shines
In the night it lies
Uncovered and uncaring

Distant thunder rumbles
Tension builds
Waiting for a spark
In the stillness

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

My Friend

A simple day
While the hours away
In gentle conversation
With one gifted at oration
Sitting next to you
The sky never seemed so blue
The grass was never this green
Without you in the scene

To simply spend time
With nothing on the line
No expectations great
No one to claim hate
Is a gift rare as it is beautiful
To speak with words so truthful
Hearing your soft and gentle voice
Leads my soul to rejoice

And when the words do run dry
There is no need to even try
To talk any further
No, not even a murmur
For sitting next to you, my friend
Until the very world does end
Holds nothing more to me
Than a sense of joyous glee

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Instrumental Music

I put together a list of instrumental music for a friend, so I figured I'd post here as well:

Untitled String Trio

Untitled Wind Trio

Reflections for piano

Ribhinn (Heather's Song) for wind quartet

Sarah's Song for piano

Lazy Afternoon for big band (live)

Aftermath for augmented string group

Dreaming for wind quartet

Watch the Dragons Fly for clarinet and cello

Wisdom for clarinet and viola

Beckoning Light for cello duet

Tears for wind trio

Riding Horses for recorder trio

Across the Misty Passage for recorder duet (live)

Love (suit) for clarinet

Mermaid for wind trio

The Heart Knows No Oceans for piano

Old Earth Suite for orchestra

May the wolves that prowl the night not find us, hidden by Your gentle gaze for cello trio

Sleep Not This Night, Lie Awake With Me for piano

Unseelie Court for wind quartet

Triumph for string quartet

The Lady Who Dreams for celeste and violin

The Questioning Suite for cello trio

The Questioning Suite for wind trio

Fractured for wind trio

For My Lady's Honour for wind trio

The Black Dog for wind duet

The Warrior's Resolve for sax trio

Come Dance With Me for piano and clarinet

Fae Thieves, Sidhe Spies for wind trio

Shadow for wind trio

The Prince for wind trio

Haunted Castle for wind duet

Searching (Lesley's Song) for cello and piano

Meditation in A for piano

Rolling River for wind quartet

Day Suite for piano

Autumn Thieves for recorder trio

Purple for recorder quartet

Divergence for clarinet and cello

Tears of Thought for jazz group

In the Deeps for cello duet

Through the Glass (Reaching but Never Touching) for cello and flute

Spy Battle Suite for string quartet

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

My Love

Some say love is a fire
Burning brightly for short time or long
To fade to nothing and die
Yet even as fire fades
Embers remain
Waiting to burst once more into life

Some say love is an ocean
Hidden depths and crashing waves
Tides covering and retreating
Yet every tide turns
Water covers land once more
As obstacles are worn away

Some say love is a journey
A passage with beginning and end
Shared for a time with another
Yet the journey does not need end
The goal is to travel and see
Not to reach a final point

My love is a fire
Burning bright and strong
Banked and waiting
Fueld with all that has worth
Sharing warmth and life

My love is an ocean
Running deep and unknown
Clear and warm
Tides come and go
The ocean remains

My love is a journey
Travelling to the end of time
With no destination in mind
Content to wander here and there
Share exploration

My love is not defined
My love is not bound
My love is not selfish
My love is strong and broad and deep and fragile
My love is

Monday, 19 January 2015

A Single Rose

A single rose is all that stands
As the world crumbles away
Held in outstretched hand
Eyes fixed firmly on you

At this point in time
The world narrows to two
All the memorized lines
Are lost in your gaze

"For a beautiful lady like you,
A rose is, uh, I mean..."
The words cease but are still true
For your beauty shines forth

The words fail as words will do
But the rose is taken by soft hands
You smile at me and I at you
A gentle touch causes shiver

The world slowly returns in beauty and light
Words trip over my tongue
As I ask you if you might
Like to join me for a while
The answer is yes

Friday, 16 January 2015


The sun rises
I stand and raise my arms
Facing the rising light
Throwing my head back
I scream
Let lose all fear
All doubt
All things that are not pure
They rise to the sky
Burning in the light

My feet rooted to the Earth
I draw strength from Mother
Strength to cast out my demons
Throw them to winds
Let them find what freedom they can
No longer will they live inside of me

I bow my head with eyes closed
Clasp my hands in worship
Preparing myself
Steeling my heart and soul
For the final task

My eyes spring open
I raise my head high
I look for the future
And see it shining just in front of me
Each step I take is easier
Each step I take firmer
As I move under the bright-shining sun

I whisper a prayer
For my abandoned fears
For the demons now free
For the life that was
It is behind me now

I am renewed
I am alive
I am well

I have forgiven myself

Wednesday, 14 January 2015


My heart lies broken on the floor
Shards spread far and wide
I reach down to pick up a piece
Draw back in pain

Red red blood wells
Drips slowly from finger cut
Falling to the shards below
Sharp edged and scattered

I try to sweep up
The red-stained pieces
They slide away
Refuse to come together again

Frustrated I pause
Blood drips still
Taking away life
One drop at a time

Turning I go
Leaving the shards of my broken heart
Leaving a trail of droplets
Bleeding still

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

This Place Once Sacred

The great beam stands
Carved with simple tools
Polished by the hands of many
Still shining in soft afternoon light
Held by pillars nine
Each standing clean and tall
Look closely and see each
Hewn from a single tree
Marks of blades and scars old do not mar
The beauty of simplicity
Of life gone now, yet purpose still

A soft breeze blows
Through openings where once stood
Monuments to paupers and heroes
Lending colour to entering light
Now the purity of sun's rays
Untouched by man

Leaves stir and move
Through space left
Years of mason's fine art
Faded patches on stone floor
All that remain
With the memory
Of a thousand wordless prayers
Eyes cast down gazing at nothing
Beyond a heart torn asunder

Dust shelters
Along walls unmarred by opening
Standing pale in darkness
Once lit by lamps of gold
From these walls hung
The very meaning of the word
Set in forms to catch the eye
And set the mind adrift
To return filled with understanding
Or perhaps
to not return at all
to wander lost
Seeking knowledge, understanding

The last light of dusk enters
Shining on a single block
Granite worn smooth
Carved with words in a tongue long dead
Meaning lost now
Still they glow
In this place once sacred

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Lady of the Woods

Lost, I wander through the woods
Where once I saw a maiden fair
I stumble over root and bough
But she is never there

I pause and sit upon a log
Fallen for many a year
soft and round with cov'ring of moss
I know that she is near

In the deepest places of the woods
Does my heavenly lady roam
Casting her spell on all that see
With no book, no scroll, no tome

What it is my wild lady does
Is more than magic plain
Of all those who speak to her
None are left the same

I watch with care for just a glimpse
As sun sinks and air turns cold
I watch now for the lady dear
Eternal, never grows old

I do not see my lady fair
In the woods today
But I feel her presence nonetheless
With the sun's last ray

As night closes on forest dark
A golden glow is shown
I may not see her, on this trip
But she made her presence known


The vast and empty plain
The vast and empty pain
Somehow filled to overflowing
Yet in the centre hollow

A storm rages
Thunder in unceasing splendour
Rain and winds combined
To create chaos
No end in sight
Ceaseless rage and fire in the night
Where nothing moves

A silent cave filled with screams
Fire burns in heart of void
Blinding lights shadowed in darkness
A pain that is numb

Held timeless
Locked away yet leaking
Shadows rise and merge and brighten
In the endless night

On the endless plain
Filled with endless pain

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

What then the question?

A single perfect moment
Blink and you will miss it
But in that perfect moment
Lies the answer
The answer to the trials of life
The answer to the pains of life
The answer to all that is life

What then the question
To the trials of life
Challenges to be met
Or to fall
Only to stand, fall again
Fighting for success
Measured and marked
What then the question?

What then the question
To the pains of life
What do they ask
Each pain
Each torment
Feeling like an eternity
Yet it always ends
To be started again
What then the question?

What then the question
To all that is life
Pains and trials
Suffering and torment
Joys and triumph
Tears flow through all
What then the question?

Each question unknown
Each question unknowable
But the answer
In that perfect moment
Shines clear above all

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Remember Me?

I walked along a lonely path one eve
Soon after Christmas Day
Nodded to a lady fair
When I heard her say

"Stop sir. please stop and see
Please dear sir, do you remember me?"

I paused in my step for but a moment
Certain in myself I had not met this girl
When I looked up to tell her so
There was nothing but dust in a swirl

I walked along the path once more
The very next night
When a voice spoke from deep in the shadows
Giving me a fright

"Stop sir, please stop and see
Please dear sir, do you remember me?"

I tried to see her face, but struck
Blind I was for moment short
There was no chance, for gone she was
Before her visage caught

I returned then to my home
And thought both hard and long
Sitting silent at my desk
Until dawn was greeted in song

She did not appear to me that night
Though long and far did I wander
Until exhausted, I did seek my bed
To think, question, wonder

I walked my path late that eve
Saw here standing there
Silent as I approached in night so still
Spectral breeze shaping her hair

"Stop sir, please stop and see
Please dear sir, do you remember me?"

My response this night was simple and quick
As I answered with her name
She smiled and stood still then
Replied with the same

I spoke then from the heart
The words but a start

"I do not need to remember you
For know this to be true

You have never been forgotten
Memory each day unbroken

For you remain my love, my care
Wherever you may roam, far or near"

With these words came tears unbidden
With pale hand were they wiped away
The last touch of my distant love
Before she turned and was on here way
To freedom