Monday, 10 November 2014

The Rock Stands

Waves crash and roll
Foam and salt fill the air
The land changes, slowly but true
Sand moves, returns, is lost again
Grass struggles to hold
Yet is always defeated
The rock stands

The wind blows strong and dry
To be unsheltered is to die
The sun bears down
Ground cracked and dry
Worn hills fade in the haze
The rock stands

A chill bite in the air
The last of snow melts and flows away
Smooth now, the ground flows
Torn by ice, cleared once again
Streams flow this way and that
Merging to form rivers
Flowing to the distant sea
The rock stands

Little remains
Baked clay and shards of obsidian lie scattered
Broken memories of a time that was
No wind stirs the dank air
Craters show on the plain
Yet no water fills their depths
In the silence of a forgotten place
A discarded place
The rock stands

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