Monday, 10 November 2014

Demon's Spore

I lay down my head to sleep
And my Lady covers me
With soft feathered cloak
Wraps me in wings of deepest black
Takes me far away
To a land of peace

There are times though
When my Lady is absent
For reasons unknown to me
Those days I fear
For when she is not with me
Protecting me
Demons enter my mind

They watch and wait, these demons mine
Diving deep and far
Into farthest reaches
Until they find

These demons then do shape
With taloned hands so gentle
A crafting each
Preparing with care
To unleash in my sleeping mind
Serving a purpose no one knows
But the demon itself
Who sits and waits
Ready to reap what it has sown

My Lady will come
Even when demon's spore
Bursts into fruit
She will come
Wrap me in her cloak once more
And I shall be at peace

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