Monday, 10 November 2014

She Cries

She cries
Tears run silently down her face
Leaving clean paths amongst the soot and grime
There are no sobs
No cries of rage or grief
Those have long passed now

There is no time to mourn
Another lost to the endless war
That rages without thought
Of those left behind
Of those whose lives are used
like the meaningless pieces they are

He gathers sticks
Finding dry wood in the forest
Gathering what spindle-thin arms can carry
Even at a young age
He does what he can
During rare moments
Plays with sticks as swords
Seeing a soldier's life as escape
From this dreary life

She cries still

It Could

Leave the final words unsaid
I do not want to hear them
Instead, let the seed of hope sit
Under blanket of snow
On soil infertile and poor
It will never rise again
But it could

Do not say farewell when you leave
I do not want to hear it
Instead, leave in silence
That I may look up and notice you not
Where you were but moments ago
And wonder, when will you return
You never will
But you could

A Silver Glow

The sea stands still
Not a wave
Not a ripple
Nothing marrs the smooth surface

Paleface shines
Perfect reflection
Rays of light seeking and joining
Bathing the world with cool radiance

Reach out if you dare
Capture Paleface's water
Blessed it is
If stillness you can keep

But reach too fast
And you shall lose your chance
Yet too cautious
And you will never obtain the glow

On this night
When Paleface is doubled
Magic can be gained
If you dare

Demon's Spore

I lay down my head to sleep
And my Lady covers me
With soft feathered cloak
Wraps me in wings of deepest black
Takes me far away
To a land of peace

There are times though
When my Lady is absent
For reasons unknown to me
Those days I fear
For when she is not with me
Protecting me
Demons enter my mind

They watch and wait, these demons mine
Diving deep and far
Into farthest reaches
Until they find

These demons then do shape
With taloned hands so gentle
A crafting each
Preparing with care
To unleash in my sleeping mind
Serving a purpose no one knows
But the demon itself
Who sits and waits
Ready to reap what it has sown

My Lady will come
Even when demon's spore
Bursts into fruit
She will come
Wrap me in her cloak once more
And I shall be at peace

The Rock Stands

Waves crash and roll
Foam and salt fill the air
The land changes, slowly but true
Sand moves, returns, is lost again
Grass struggles to hold
Yet is always defeated
The rock stands

The wind blows strong and dry
To be unsheltered is to die
The sun bears down
Ground cracked and dry
Worn hills fade in the haze
The rock stands

A chill bite in the air
The last of snow melts and flows away
Smooth now, the ground flows
Torn by ice, cleared once again
Streams flow this way and that
Merging to form rivers
Flowing to the distant sea
The rock stands

Little remains
Baked clay and shards of obsidian lie scattered
Broken memories of a time that was
No wind stirs the dank air
Craters show on the plain
Yet no water fills their depths
In the silence of a forgotten place
A discarded place
The rock stands


Paleface looks down from high above
Watching over her people
Gently lighting the way forward
Her silver glow cool and regal

I look up at Paleface
And she smiles down at me
A cooling fire fills me
And I am free

I follow the path that Paleface shows
Walking with lightness of step
I know she will not lead me astray
So I stride where once I crept

Paleface watches me as I walk
Looking down from far away
Content that I have started my journey
No longer will I stay

A Simple Touch

A simple touch can heal
What magic lies in the hand
When gently strokes you feel
That warmth and healing glow

No mighty words are needed
No spells or totems rare
But a touch softly repeated
And all troubles are no more

'Tis not something to be explained
But what comes from deep inside
There is no need to be trained
A loving hand will guide

The simplest touch will heal
Many woes and problems
Each strokes serves to heal
Another crack in the heart


Listen to the chime
Find the moment
Between sound
And silence

In that moment dive deep
Sink into the depths
Pure and clear
Last resonance caught in silver shimmer
Of glowing light

Sink ever deeper
Until all is stillness in motion
A silence filled with sound
The brightest light formed in darkness

Find peace
In an eternal moment
As you listen to the end
Forever shining
In that moment


Lift your eyes to the stars and see
All of creation awaits
It is there for you and me
Love is truth is beauty is eternal

Open your ears to the pounding heart of the Earth
As she moves with lumbering grace
Bringing together a thousand voices of mirth
Love is truth is beauty is eternal

Open your hands and feel the rich soil
Replete with care and warmth and life
Shaped and grown through countless years of toil
Love is truth is beauty is eternal

Lift your heart and feel the soul
Not of one but of the many
Hear the message that is told
Love is truth is beauty is eternal


All things turn to dust
Time passes
Unrelenting force
Nothing remains

Hope an illusion
No better path to find
No bright shining future
Only death
Only despair

Struggle not my friend
For your struggle too
Shall fade under the onslaught
Meaningless actions
Of forgotten people
Fading to dust

In the end nothing remains
No life
No hope
No pain

The Heart

The heart bears every wound
Each bleeds still
Torn and weary it beats on
Drops of blood form
Replaced over and over
As life continues

Every hurt is remembered
Locked in a gilded cage
Kept pristine and pure
To experience again
And again
Each time drawing fresh blood
Recreating the wound
And drops of blood fall

But with shining light
Each moment of love stands true
Casting out the darkness
The heart can never be healed
But the light of love
Brings warmth and peace
Drops of blood fall
Shatter and spill in frozen moments
Reflecting light


I lie curled on the floor
Not in bed
The reason was clear
It is
An empty place remains
Where once reason stood

I close my ears
Seeking silence
Instead I find the constant noise
Too stable to be ocean
Too constant to be soothing
Filling the emptiness

I close my eyes
Seeking darkness
Instead I see
The knife gently kisses skin
Soft glow of blood rising up
Each drop shaped as a tear

I push aside the noise
The visions
Hoping for oblivion
That never arrives


We may not live to see another dawn
So dance with me this night
As missiles fly far overhead
Dance under the smokey light

Dance with me to sweet music
Of shrieks and howls and noise
To us the sounds of a world we know
A world of madness given voice

But this moment
When I am with you
All I hear is your beating heart
Beating a tango for two

So take my hand this night
And we shall dance in a world of our own
Staring into your eyes
I know I am finally home

Journey of the Stars

Paleface has gone
The stars stand in glorious beauty
Their Goddess, their companion
Never to return

Watch them shine
But do not close your eyes
For each time you do
Another star darkens
Is gone

Not an end in fire and fury
Not a slow decline in cold
But a journey afresh
For each star

They move, the stars
Shaken from their sleep
Filled with purpose pure
A new companion to find

They journey far
Across the firmament
Through the vast void
The empty night

The stars move, until
They find a home
A place of joy and light
Welcomed in galaxies far
They dance
Shining and twirling
Loving and living
Alone no more

What Then For The Stars

If Paleface dies
What then for the stars
Who shine each night
In silent admiration
Watching over her people
When she rests each dayh

If Paleface falls
Would the stars fall with her
One by one burning bright
Giving all in a burst of heat
Then fading to nothing

When Paleface flees
What is left for the stars
To stand worship still?
Or to follow?
Knowing not where they go
Ending their time
In the hope of finding Paleface again