Sunday, 5 October 2014

My Lady

I feel her again
My Lady
My darkness
Cloaking the world once more
As I walk

The city streets are dirty tonight
Dust kicked up with every step slowly settles
Coating my shoes with a thin layer of filth
Another layer
Adding to the veneer of civilisation

It can't be seen at night
Hiding away in the darkness
Only glimpsed with a flash of light
Before fading away again
A memory

Memories such as these are not pleasant
They haunt the night and day
Every time you close your eyes
Thinking it is safe
A memory creeps into view
Silently waiting

Yet the darkness comes
And covers all in her feathery cloak
Closing eyes becomes easy
As there is nothing to see
Nothing to fear
She protects me
Walks with me
My Lady

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