Thursday, 9 October 2014

A Perfect Moment

Close your eyes
Feel the gentle kiss of the sun's rays
As they caress your skin

Followed by the gentle touch
Of my calloused hand
Reaching out to your cheek

Let me trace your skin
As does the light

Smooth to the touch
Fair and shining
Under hesitant fingers

Down towards
The hollow of your neck
My fingers travel

Followed by my gaze
Having spent an eternity
Staring into your eyes

Finally I break free
And let my eyes
Gently touch you

Filled now with heat
From staring into your soul
And finding fire

Such passion and flame
Scorch the unwary
Or those who linger too long

Yet to stay
To abandon all sense of self
And lose myself inside you

Such a fate would be welcome
Such a fire
Would be blessed

With delicate touch
I brush fingers across your shoulder
Tracing the curves of skin

Your gentle smile encourages
My exploration
Fears slowly subside

I find myself lost
In your gaze
Once more

I have found
A perfect moment

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