Monday, 27 October 2014

Hide from the Whiteface

Hide from the Whiteface
Terrifying power shining through
Breaking the night at dawn
Shattering the secret places
Dissolving all shadows
Enlightening the dark

Hide from the Whiteface
Dig deep into the ground
Find the hidden tunnels and caves
Quiet and safe
Cool and calm

Hide from the Whiteface
Nasty evil beast
That wants to hurt us and tear us apart
Shining down with its fire

Hide from the Whiteface
Don't let it see your eyes
For with burning hatred it finds you

Hide from the Whiteface
Stay safe and stay on guard

Hide from the Whiteface

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Look there, can you not see?
Open your eyes
Be not afraid
You must never be afraid to see the light

How it glows!
How it shines! and yet
A flicker
A moment of darkness

Turn not your head!
Watch and hope
The light will never fade
While we stand watch
While we let it shine

Yet fear not the darkness!
When you are lost
When hope is abandoned and despair takes root
Remember the light
Open your eyes
And you will see

Monday, 20 October 2014

Sister Light

Darkness rests her weary head
And turns to Sister Light
"See what I have wrought here
In shadows, shapes in the night"

Sister Light looks around
And says "But Darkness dear
There are none who can see
Without light to make it clear."

Saying this she raises her face
And light shines all around
Casting illumination on every stone
Leeching the darkness from the ground

Darkness lets her head droop low
And speaks in a voice deep and mellow
"Sister mine, what you have done
Such harsh light, the ground now fallow"

"There is no art here any more."
With those words she stands and leaves

Thursday, 9 October 2014

A Perfect Moment

Close your eyes
Feel the gentle kiss of the sun's rays
As they caress your skin

Followed by the gentle touch
Of my calloused hand
Reaching out to your cheek

Let me trace your skin
As does the light

Smooth to the touch
Fair and shining
Under hesitant fingers

Down towards
The hollow of your neck
My fingers travel

Followed by my gaze
Having spent an eternity
Staring into your eyes

Finally I break free
And let my eyes
Gently touch you

Filled now with heat
From staring into your soul
And finding fire

Such passion and flame
Scorch the unwary
Or those who linger too long

Yet to stay
To abandon all sense of self
And lose myself inside you

Such a fate would be welcome
Such a fire
Would be blessed

With delicate touch
I brush fingers across your shoulder
Tracing the curves of skin

Your gentle smile encourages
My exploration
Fears slowly subside

I find myself lost
In your gaze
Once more

I have found
A perfect moment

The Hunt

The black dog hunts
Hackles rise as he stalks his prey
Eyes gleam red
As if lit by fires eternally burning
Teeth gleam white
As lips draw back in silent snarl

Each foot rests lightly on stone
Leaving scorched marks as he passes
Delicate steps leave no sound
Only a faint hint of smoke

Muscles shift and turn
Beneath sleep fur and tight skin
They show strength enough to tear and rend
Bring down the largest beast
Or the most nimble

Tonight the prey is not large
Not nimble
Limping, it scurries across a stream
Fleeing without hope
Without reason
Only a remnant of spirit drives it onwards

The black dog tenses
Brings down his prey in a violent explosion of motion
Knowing the inevitable his prey relaxes
Finds a moment of peace
Before a loud crack breaks the night into a thousand shimmering pieces

The black dog stalks back to his den
Confidently moving through the night
Knowing his rule stands unchallenged

Monday, 6 October 2014

My Lady Pt 2

I have never seen my Lady
Though her presence is felt every night
As she cloaks the world in soft dark wings
A solace, not a fright

I have only ever felt her
When walking all alone
Then her warm cloak spreads across me
I know I am home

Through the deepest night I walk
Knowing that she is above me
Watching carefully my every step
There, even though I never see

My Lady is kind
Spreading her wings wide
Bringing darkness and peace to me

Sunday, 5 October 2014

My Lady

I feel her again
My Lady
My darkness
Cloaking the world once more
As I walk

The city streets are dirty tonight
Dust kicked up with every step slowly settles
Coating my shoes with a thin layer of filth
Another layer
Adding to the veneer of civilisation

It can't be seen at night
Hiding away in the darkness
Only glimpsed with a flash of light
Before fading away again
A memory

Memories such as these are not pleasant
They haunt the night and day
Every time you close your eyes
Thinking it is safe
A memory creeps into view
Silently waiting

Yet the darkness comes
And covers all in her feathery cloak
Closing eyes becomes easy
As there is nothing to see
Nothing to fear
She protects me
Walks with me
My Lady