Monday, 8 September 2014

Wisdom of the Stars

I walk the lonely streets without you
A cold wind blowing
I cannot remember how long I have walked this night
Or where I was going

I walk without ceasing
Caring not where I go
Until feet are sore beneath me
Then I stop. I look up. I know.

These stars that shine down on me
From so very far away
They shine down and guide my path
As if they want to say

"She is not lost to you, you fool!"
These are the words I hear
And take deep into my heart to hold
For such truths are dear

With ancient wisdom the stars did speak
And show the truth to me
You are never lost to me, my dear
No matter the distance across land or sea

These stars that light my path this night
And speak their ancient wisdom
Are the stars you see when night falls
And the skies begin to deepen

When you look up and see the stars
Open the ears of your heart
Listen to sweet music they bring
Feel in yourself their spark

Dance with me on a moonlit night
Under the silvery glow
All our fears and worries are gone
Your arms are all I will know

Sing with me the songs of the stars
As they share their beauty and joy
Hold my hand as we whisper sweet words
Now is no time to be coy

Suddenly my path becomes clear to me
I walk with a freshness of step
My mind is buoyed and my heart is free
As the stars' words I choose to accept

You have never been lost to me
Though distant you may lie
As long as we both remember
To turn our eyes to the sky

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