Thursday, 4 September 2014


A faded photograph hangs on the wall
Flecks of dust shine and sparkle in the light
The teapot sits in a puddle of cold liquid
Faded now where once it was bright

Tarnished silver sits unused in the drawer
China, chipped and cracked, stands waiting
A piano slowly goes out of tune
Years now since it could sing

The window, stained with dirt and grime
looks out over a garden overrun with weeds
Crawling and competing with each other
A frenzy of unmet needs

The sky is gray now
Clouds linger and lurk, waiting to break
Waiting to bring water, turn dust to mud
Perhaps to wash away our mistakes

The photograph stands monument to better days
When all was light and love
When she would hold my hand and drink tea
Now she sings far above

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