Friday, 26 September 2014

Let me

Never give up
A wise man once said
Never ever give up
But what if all your hopes and dreams lie dead?
When all around is darkness and despair
when the world is gray and dark
When it becomes just too hard to care
What then do you do?

Giving up is no longer a choice
It is simply what you must do
for in the bottom of the well
There's nothing left for you
But to let it go one last time
Surely that is the solution
Giving up now can be no crime
When nothing else is left

I will not give up on you
In this world or the next
I will be there by your side
No matter how hard it gets
I don't give up on my people
I don't care if it's dark or dim
You just need to keep hold
And know that I'll be there

Separated we might be in time and place
But together we can stand
Triumph does not matter
Just let me hold your hand

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