Wednesday, 17 September 2014


We cannot choose
What we cannot see
Whether through love or hate
Or despair leaving us in such a state
That our vision darkens and flees
Or paths wither and fade

From endless possibilities
Opening in every direction
A mask is lowered
Our senses dulled
Hard to make any connection
From present to future

The past remains clear
Every mistake burning with heat
Every wrong path taken
Feeling ever more forsaken
Each a club with which to beat
Senseless hatred of self

When at the bottom of the abyss
No light or joy to be seen
And every path utterly dim
Trying to compete against the din
Of a thousand shouts and screams
Feels pointless and insane

There are no choices to be made
No options to pursue
Only darkness and hate
Now it is too late
For anyone to help you
There is no path to be seen

We cannot choose
What we cannot see
What hope can be had
When the future lies dead
What path can there be
Through the darkness?

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