Friday, 26 September 2014

Let me

Never give up
A wise man once said
Never ever give up
But what if all your hopes and dreams lie dead?
When all around is darkness and despair
when the world is gray and dark
When it becomes just too hard to care
What then do you do?

Giving up is no longer a choice
It is simply what you must do
for in the bottom of the well
There's nothing left for you
But to let it go one last time
Surely that is the solution
Giving up now can be no crime
When nothing else is left

I will not give up on you
In this world or the next
I will be there by your side
No matter how hard it gets
I don't give up on my people
I don't care if it's dark or dim
You just need to keep hold
And know that I'll be there

Separated we might be in time and place
But together we can stand
Triumph does not matter
Just let me hold your hand

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Girl and Horse

I saw them riding one day
When the sun stood high
I stopped and quietly stared
For they both had caught my eye

A girl and her horse
Moving with one mind
As the ground flew beneath hooves
A finer sight I could not find

Such freedom to fly
In air as much as ground
Such joy and wonder I felt
From all around

The sun shone down
Blessing all with golden glow
The air fresh and bright
As hair and mane did flow

I stood and stared
For a perfect moment
Lost in the ride
Both in their element

Too quickly the moment passed
As they rode out of sight
But I knew it would last
As I walked until night

Such a bond
Between two creations of beauty
Would last forever
In truth and purity


We cannot choose
What we cannot see
Whether through love or hate
Or despair leaving us in such a state
That our vision darkens and flees
Or paths wither and fade

From endless possibilities
Opening in every direction
A mask is lowered
Our senses dulled
Hard to make any connection
From present to future

The past remains clear
Every mistake burning with heat
Every wrong path taken
Feeling ever more forsaken
Each a club with which to beat
Senseless hatred of self

When at the bottom of the abyss
No light or joy to be seen
And every path utterly dim
Trying to compete against the din
Of a thousand shouts and screams
Feels pointless and insane

There are no choices to be made
No options to pursue
Only darkness and hate
Now it is too late
For anyone to help you
There is no path to be seen

We cannot choose
What we cannot see
What hope can be had
When the future lies dead
What path can there be
Through the darkness?

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes
Let your skin provide sight
As my fingers brush gently across your cheek
Let your smile light the world
As I softly caress you
Running rough hands over skin so smooth

Take a breath
As I imbibe the scent of your skin
Savour every taste of flavour
Gently lay my lips against your neck
Teeth closing delicately

Let yourself rest
As my hands explore your body
Finding tension
And releasing it
Firm yet soft

Enjoy every sensation
Of touch and feel
Your skin soft and smooth
As I work my way down
Stroking and touching every part of you

Your taste heavenly
As I follow hands with tongue
Lips and teeth combine
To further your pleasure
And my goal


How can I write of beauty
When my heart is dark
How can I write of life and joy
When my mind is creacked

The words form in my mind
Waiting for me to put pen to page
Yet in between thoughts and ink
They fade, and change

Perhaps if I was to speak
Talk of the sights I see with eyes closed
But the words fail before they leave my mouth
As standing there I'm posed

Ready to speak
Ready to write

A blank page stares accusingly at me
Waiting for those words of beauty
Words to bring tears to joy
These words only hurt me
As they slowly escape

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


When we drown
We don't scream and shout
We don't wave our hands in the air
It is much more quiet
As we slowly slip away
Into the deep
Not moving

When we lose hope
We don't scream and shout
We don't yell it from the rooftops
It is much more quiet
As we slowly give up
Abandon hope
Any chance of a change

When we give in to despair
We don't scream and shout
We don't let our feelings out
It is much more quiet
It all seems so simple
It is just so clear now
There is no path forward
We are falling

What hope is there for those who drown?
What chance for those without hope?
What life for those who despair?
Those who are falling

Some battles must be fought alone
For pride or reason or love
But when we are drowning
We cannot fight alone
We must reach out
With faith
As we are falling

Faith that a hand will reach back
Grasp us
And help us from the deeps
Pull us to the surface
Give us love
Give us hope
Give us life
So we are no longer

Monday, 8 September 2014

Wisdom of the Stars

I walk the lonely streets without you
A cold wind blowing
I cannot remember how long I have walked this night
Or where I was going

I walk without ceasing
Caring not where I go
Until feet are sore beneath me
Then I stop. I look up. I know.

These stars that shine down on me
From so very far away
They shine down and guide my path
As if they want to say

"She is not lost to you, you fool!"
These are the words I hear
And take deep into my heart to hold
For such truths are dear

With ancient wisdom the stars did speak
And show the truth to me
You are never lost to me, my dear
No matter the distance across land or sea

These stars that light my path this night
And speak their ancient wisdom
Are the stars you see when night falls
And the skies begin to deepen

When you look up and see the stars
Open the ears of your heart
Listen to sweet music they bring
Feel in yourself their spark

Dance with me on a moonlit night
Under the silvery glow
All our fears and worries are gone
Your arms are all I will know

Sing with me the songs of the stars
As they share their beauty and joy
Hold my hand as we whisper sweet words
Now is no time to be coy

Suddenly my path becomes clear to me
I walk with a freshness of step
My mind is buoyed and my heart is free
As the stars' words I choose to accept

You have never been lost to me
Though distant you may lie
As long as we both remember
To turn our eyes to the sky

Tomorrow's Tomorrow

There is no comfort to lose a child
No words can make it better
A lifetime lost one dark day
The thought forever a spector

Thoughts of what could have been
Overcome those of what has been
short moments of happiness
Overwhelmed in a sea of pain

This pain shall never leave
But it will subside
Time brings healing
To wounds on the inside

So do not forget the love and joy
In the midst of pain and sorrow
There will be joy and love again
In tomorrow's tomorrow

Thursday, 4 September 2014


A faded photograph hangs on the wall
Flecks of dust shine and sparkle in the light
The teapot sits in a puddle of cold liquid
Faded now where once it was bright

Tarnished silver sits unused in the drawer
China, chipped and cracked, stands waiting
A piano slowly goes out of tune
Years now since it could sing

The window, stained with dirt and grime
looks out over a garden overrun with weeds
Crawling and competing with each other
A frenzy of unmet needs

The sky is gray now
Clouds linger and lurk, waiting to break
Waiting to bring water, turn dust to mud
Perhaps to wash away our mistakes

The photograph stands monument to better days
When all was light and love
When she would hold my hand and drink tea
Now she sings far above

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Call to Me

Call to me
And I will answer
Wherever in the realms you lie
There shall I attend

Call to me
And I will answer
Bringing mighty armies to bear
Clearing all that lies between us

Call to me
And I will answer
Let the heavens fall
If they would keep me from you

Call to me
And I will answer
Letting none bar my path
Not even Death on his steed

Call to me
And I will answer

Finally Mine

When I close my eyes
I see your face
An immortal beauty
In every time and place

When I close my eyes
I feel your touch
your skin so soft
On mine so rough

When I close my eyes
I hear your voice
In simple words sweet
Offering a choice

Continue as I am
So distant and far
Or close my eyes again
And I will be where you are

So I let my eyes close
For the last and final time
To spend my days with you
Now you are finally mine


Drifting high above the world
On wings spread wide
Warm in the soft sun
Shining and reflecting blue sky

Sinking slowly into the deeps
Cool currents flowing over skin
Washing away grime and fears
Fading glow of sun far overhead

Spirit separate from body
Flying through a world of colour
Barely retaining form
Hearing siren call of the stars

Far away exploring
Then finding home once more
Safety and security