Monday, 4 August 2014

Stay with me this night

Sound the final bell
For sadly this is the end
But stay with me this night
Stay with me, my friend

Serve the last drink
Let us raise a toast
To those loved and those lost
Every spirit and every ghost

They gather here tonight
All in this place
Look! I can see them now
Every lonely face

Stay with me, my friend
Do not leave me all alone
For they will come again tonight
All those I have known

Those that I tried to help
Yet now they are lost
I see them this night
Each counting the cost

Stay with me this night
For in the dark, I fear
Lie memories of times long past
Each now standing clear

My friend, will you stay with me
Until this night is through?
When all have passed onwards again
And all that's left is you

Then shall I rest
For there shall lie peace
A state that can't be given
By noble or by priest

Do not leave now, my friend
The night is still and young
The lantern burns so brightly
By the door where it's hung

Until that light replaced by day
Stay by my side, I beg
For those who come to me tonight
Lie in their graves, dead.

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  1. Wow that is amazing. You are an incredibly talented person :) xxx