Thursday, 28 August 2014

Stay With Me

Dance with me, my dear
Under the full moon's glow
As stars wheel and spin overhead
Let us dance the night away
And as the moon sinks low and light fades
Stay in my arms and sway
Dance with me

Sing with me, my dear
The songs of wordless love
That fill the air each morn
As sun rises and life stirs
Join in the harmony of life
Joyous celebration
Sing with me

Stay with me, my dear
Through all times bad and good
Through seasons turning
As empires rise and fall
Through many ages of man
Yet staying ageless and beautiful
Stay with me

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Beside Me

It comes as a surprise
Each time I awake to find you here
Beside me
Each time I cry out in fear
As beasts of terrifying countenance stalk my dreams
You are holding me
Telling me I am safe
Giving your love
I feel blessed once more
That you are here

You are not mine
No man should own such beauty
Nor the rising sun that bathes all
In soft gentle glow
Nor the waterfall
In secluded cave
Sharing secret mist with all who dare venture
No, you are not mine
But you are here
Beside me

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Who Am I To Judge?

You want an ending
Sick of this life, you want a final answer
Who am I to judge?
A mere purveyor of goods
So step inside
See what it is I can offer

For tradition, a rope
Feel it in your hands
Soft and smooth
Woven from the hair of a thousand children
Who never felt the flush of a first kiss
Never feel in love, and out, and in love again
Never said goodbye knowing it was the last time
They were not good, or evil
They never had a chance to choose
Yes, try the rope
Feel your world shrink to nothing
As your muscles kick and give way
And bowels loosen in final shame
Perhaps no, something more modern

Take this knife
Feel the weight in your hand
See the shine and glint of light on the blade
Steel forged in a thousand dreams forsaken
Iron harvested from the blood of ten thousand babies
Born unliving
Mourned for a life never seen
A simple cut is all it takes
Sharp pain fades to a dull throb
As your lifeblood flows through jagged tears in flesh
Pooling below you
Leaving stains that last a lifetime
But not yours
No, this is not for you

Simpler, easier, this tub
Drown your sorrows
In the tears of millions left behind
Mourning the lives lost
Cursing inaction
Desperately wondering
what more could have been done?
What was left unsaid, that could have stopped this tragedy?
This meaningless waste

Drown your sorrows and forget
Each one you leave  behind
All touched by your life
More by your death
Each left incomplete
Desperately seeking answers
To questions unheard
Searching for words
That remain unwritten
Lost now forever
As is hope
As is light
As is all

Who am I to judge?
One who sees
One who knows
One who loves

Monday, 25 August 2014

Before I Met You

Notes: I asked my muse to help me write something that would bring tears. She did, just not in the way I thought I meant... The music fits as well (May the wolves that prowl the night not find us, hidden by Your gentle gaze)

Before I Met You
I was never this lonely
Before I met you
Lost in a world of my own
No one else mattered
Just me
Then you came along
A star shining deeply in the darkest night
And suddenly I knew
I wasn't alone
I wasn't meant to be alone
Then you weren't there any more

I was never this scared
Before I met you
Nothing to lose
No consequence
It all meant nothing at all
Win or lose
No matter
Then you came along
Showing the value of everything
And suddenly I knew
I had worth
I had value
It all meant something
Then you weren't there any more

I was never this open
Before I met you
I kept myself locked away
From everyone
From my own feelings
Safe and secure
Then you came along
Unlocking every sealed door
And suddenly I knew
I could feel
I could cry
I could share
I could be
Then you weren't there any more

I was never this strong
Before I met you
I could pretend to everyone
I was hard and thought I was tough
Then you came along
Quietly showing me what strong means
And suddenly I knew
I didn't need to be hard
I could be strong
I would b e strong
I turned to show you
Then you weren't there any more

Monday, 4 August 2014

Stay with me this night

Sound the final bell
For sadly this is the end
But stay with me this night
Stay with me, my friend

Serve the last drink
Let us raise a toast
To those loved and those lost
Every spirit and every ghost

They gather here tonight
All in this place
Look! I can see them now
Every lonely face

Stay with me, my friend
Do not leave me all alone
For they will come again tonight
All those I have known

Those that I tried to help
Yet now they are lost
I see them this night
Each counting the cost

Stay with me this night
For in the dark, I fear
Lie memories of times long past
Each now standing clear

My friend, will you stay with me
Until this night is through?
When all have passed onwards again
And all that's left is you

Then shall I rest
For there shall lie peace
A state that can't be given
By noble or by priest

Do not leave now, my friend
The night is still and young
The lantern burns so brightly
By the door where it's hung

Until that light replaced by day
Stay by my side, I beg
For those who come to me tonight
Lie in their graves, dead.


With each
The world becomes clearer
And I regain my focus
With each
I feel calmer
Ready to face them again
Knowing I can take a
Feel the cool air
Clean air
Air filled with energy
Bringing life back with every
Letting it out
Letting it go
Let all the pain flow
With each
Not gasp or shudder
But simple and sure
Steady and deep

I watch you still

I watch you still
Though dead I lie across the ocean
You are in my mind and eye
As much now as you were then

Together we rode
Together we fought, our enemies and each other
But always together again in the end
With you, my dear lover

Now we are apart
Seperated by more than just distance
I watch you still, and as you sleep
In my mind we still dance

Under forgotten stars
With the moon bright shining overhead
We dance with grace and style
Forgetting for a time that I lie dead

And while one day distant
We shall be joined once more
Until then I shall wait, and watch, and hope
You find what you are searching for


I never said goodbye
Before I left
The thought far from my mind
That I would not return
So I laid my cloak over your sleepin gface
Kissed you gently
And left

We had our highs and lows
But sleeping by the embers of a dying fire
Under the stars shining down
It was clear to me
Together we flew higher than any bird
In all our heated arguments
Your passion shone through
Now gone

I wonder now
Do you think of me still
As I think of you
Every night
Each time I see the stars so strange above
I remember
And wish once more I had the chance
To say goodbye


Lament the Earth that was
Before all turned to dust
When green fields met sky of blue
With golden skies at dusk

When birds called across the sky
And flew from branch to nest
White fur below, the rodents ran
Keeping what was best

Those days are gone, hidden away
From time of turmoil and war
Since then there are no nests to find
No birds, so what are they for

Now all is dust
No green to be found
No life remains
Not hare, nor hound

Except where hidden
Kept safe and secure
In bunkers deep and lost
Some life endures


Whose story will you live?

The parents
Loving and doting
Wanting safety

The friend
Who would see you fall
To be common
The same as all
Yet less

The teacher
Pushing you down the road
To a path unseen
They know best

There is the easy choice
To let it slide
Take life as it comes
Accepting those gifts made
Yet never striving for more

Then you may choose
To challenge the world
Fight to be strong
Explore every option
And stand when you fall
Ready to try again

With so many paths
So many stories to choose
Whose story will you live?


Hear the call
As it rings out true
Shaped in gentle melody
And harmonised with bliss

Listen to the music
That takes us by the hand
And leads us far from here
To a world just of our own
Where the soft glow of the moon lights the way

To every note
To every chord
As they mingle and mix
Creating a sum
Much greater than any of the parts

Listen and rejoice
The music shall life us high
Above the petty concerns of the world
Above the pains and sour fruit
To where the clouds glow in silver light

Let your soul be filled
Let your spirit fly free
As the music takes us away

This too shall pass

This too, they say, shall pass
It will be done with
The regret will fade, as does winter
And warmth will be found again

This has happened before, they say
There is nothing new under the sun
Learn to live with your mistakes
You will make many more

It will happen again
There is no doubt
Over and again, the pain
Ride it like the fire it is

Or simply give up
And leave all to fate
Abandon regret
By abandoning any choice