Monday, 30 June 2014


Grant me wings to fly
Far away into the night sky
And chase my dreams wherever they lie
Grant me wings to fly

Show me the stars and the moon
But, I pray, please show me soon
For I long for release and a chance to commune
Show me the stars and the moon

Give me the strength to see
Far above the oceans and sea
Distant lands filled with adventure and glee
Give me the strength to see

Open my eyes to the world
Beauty and truth unfurled
Gently soar as wingtips curled
Open my eyes to the world

Grant me wings to fly
So that I might touch the sky
The furthest reaches I shall try
Grant me wings to fly

Sleep not this night

Sleep not this night
Lie awake with me
Let us share our dreams
Before I leave across the sea

Lie awake with me
And we shall speak all night
Whisper in each other's ears
Of our love, of our dreams, of our fright

Let us share our dreams
Be they good or bad
Down to every final detail
Soon they will be all we had

Before I leave across the sea
Spend this final night with me

Friday, 13 June 2014


Gentle now
Slide it across
No, not too fast
Slow and sure
That's it now
You're getting the idea
Soft, slow and gentle

Feel it in your hand
Firm and gentle grip
Too tight and you will cramp
Too loose and you will lose it
Like holding a bird
Firm and gentle

Don't mind the mess
It cleans up well
Cold water helps
Soak it long
Then wash it well
It will be white again
Not a speck of red

Let it fall now
Slump to the ground
A discarded husk
Let it return to the Earth
From whence it came

There Lies My Love

When I look out and see the wild horse running free
Galloping across the plain with the wind in her mane
Then I shall say
There lies my love

When the moon shines high beaming down from the sky
And the stars sing while heavenly bells ring
Then I shall say
There lies my love

When in the deepest depths where even the Kraken fears to step
A dim light glows to create a show
Then I shall say
There lies my love

For my love is as free as the wild horse running
My love shines brighter than stars or moon
My love brings light to the darkest places
Shining brighter than the sun at noon

And when they ask what do I see, why I smile when he is so far from me
Then I shall say
There lies my love


Your eyes glisten in the light
Invite me in, to fall into the night
And be found again, rescued by joy
Bound by love that lifts and bouys
Such a binding welcome by far
As chains of love borne by the heart are
These chains are soft, and silver and light
Providing a counter to the dark of night
In the depths of your eye I fell
And trapped I remain, but not in a cell
Caught for once in the opposite of hell
In a trap of my own making
As lost in your eyes I am taken
To a world filled with laughter and light
A world where at last I feel right
A world that has only us two
Your eyes tell me that this is true
And waiting for me they shine
With a promise they will be mine

I See Her

I see her still
In the flight of a bird
Free and uncaring
Soaring across the sky
Into the blue

I see her still
In the soft rippling brook
Pebbles and stones slowly turn
As water cascades and flows
Always moving

I see her still
In the flowers that grow
Wild and free
Colours shining in the sun
On her grave.

The Silence of Grief

Hear the silence of grief
A heart torn asunder
Let all here wail and weep
Let tears herald thunder

Hear the absence of joy
In all words spoken
They are lost to us now
Their paths all frozen

Feel the righteous fire
Vengeance is ours
For this they will burn
We leave in just hours

Hear the silence of grief
In a hall now empty

The Meadow Pt 2

The sun shines down
Only remnants of brown remain
Shards of grass, hardened now and brown
Baked in temperatures obscene
The ground itself torn and ripped apart
Screaming in endless agony
Once the wind flowed
Sang of far distant lands
Now it only sings of death
As the dry wind steals remaining moisture
Sucking every last drop it can
Desperate, for none is left
The scarred earth shakes once more
Violence still present in the depths
Legacy of a madness unmatched
In any age of the Earth
Such arrogance
Such fear
All lost now
As the sun shines down

The Meadow

The sun shines down
Gently caressing grass of green
Giving life to all it touches
And all that lies underneath
The soft wind blows
Leaving ripples in its wake
Carrying seeds on great journeys
To places far distant
Where they may grow and bring life
Touched still by the gentle rays

No clouds in this sky
A perfect blue
Shining and smiling down
Yet clouds there shall be
To bring the water of life
Helping all to grow

Through the air
With carefree abandon
The butterfly soars
In her mind all is at peace
Contentment fills her being
Beauty is created by her very presence
Fleeting in time
But always remembered
Where the sun shines