Monday, 24 March 2014


We hurt the ones we love the most
Through knowing their heart
That's the place to begin, you see
The vital place to start

To truly hurt someone
Cause them the greatest pain
You have to know them well
Get inside their brain

And knowing then becomes a type
Of love, twisted and vile
Through this love you stab them deep
Weapons on the pile

To care enough to hurt them so
To want them in such pain
Beyond reason, beyond thought
Beyond any hope of gain

This poison fills inside your veins
A poison dark and strong
Changes you, become the beast
It doesn't take so long

Beguile them with seductive words
Bring them close to you
Then slide that dagger slowly in
Keep the path true

This is the essence of love gone wrong
When turns as cold as ice
This is that terrible state

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