Tuesday, 25 March 2014


How do I confess
That I have looked out at the world
Turned away in fear
Hidden in my cave

How do I confess
That the load becomes too much
I wish for an end to come
Silent and sure

How do I confess
That pure chance alone
A turn of fate
Stands between me and that decision
An ending

How do I confess
The soft glint of steel
The gently sharpened blade
The soft kiss against flesh

How do I confess
Given the choice
To abandon all that is loved
All that has been gained
I would

How do I confess
In the deepest depths
In the darkness
Hiding from the light
It waits

How do I confess
My strength fails even now
My will to hold loosens
As does my grip

How do I confess
When words will not come
When mouth and tongue are still
When all that is left is

How do I confess
Admit that I have failed
Given in to the torment
All I seek now
An end.

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