Tuesday, 25 March 2014


How do I confess
That I have looked out at the world
Turned away in fear
Hidden in my cave

How do I confess
That the load becomes too much
I wish for an end to come
Silent and sure

How do I confess
That pure chance alone
A turn of fate
Stands between me and that decision
An ending

How do I confess
The soft glint of steel
The gently sharpened blade
The soft kiss against flesh

How do I confess
Given the choice
To abandon all that is loved
All that has been gained
I would

How do I confess
In the deepest depths
In the darkness
Hiding from the light
It waits

How do I confess
My strength fails even now
My will to hold loosens
As does my grip

How do I confess
When words will not come
When mouth and tongue are still
When all that is left is

How do I confess
Admit that I have failed
Given in to the torment
All I seek now
An end.

Monday, 24 March 2014

How Simple

How simple it is
To run the blade slow
Watch the red swell slowly
Rising behind steel

How simple it feels
The sharpness first
Later the dull roaring fire
A good pain
A memory to be treasured

How simple to stroke
Again and again
Each time building
Each time bringing new heights

How simple to watch
Separate and connected
Finally feeling
Finally in control

How simple


We hurt the ones we love the most
Through knowing their heart
That's the place to begin, you see
The vital place to start

To truly hurt someone
Cause them the greatest pain
You have to know them well
Get inside their brain

And knowing then becomes a type
Of love, twisted and vile
Through this love you stab them deep
Weapons on the pile

To care enough to hurt them so
To want them in such pain
Beyond reason, beyond thought
Beyond any hope of gain

This poison fills inside your veins
A poison dark and strong
Changes you, become the beast
It doesn't take so long

Beguile them with seductive words
Bring them close to you
Then slide that dagger slowly in
Keep the path true

This is the essence of love gone wrong
When turns as cold as ice
This is that terrible state

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Heal Thyself

Healer, heal thyself
Do not let it go
Do not let your skills go to ruin
As your body fails
Mind overflows
With pain taken from others
Healer, heal thyself

Healer, heal thyself
Let not the suffering continue
Release the pain
Let it go
Do not keep it within you
Give the final release
Healer, heal thyself

Healer, heal thyself
Allow time for wounds to close
Time to rest
Time enough to learn to love
Your broken heart shows
That time is not your friend
Healer, heal thyself


A single tear unshed
Holds an ocean of pain
Hiding in the small drop
Look deep within
If you dare

The surface glistens
Bending light
Yet some is trapped
Rays bouncing and shifting
Seeking escape
Finding only sorrow

Move closer
See within
Small grains swirl
Lost in a cycle of endless despair
Fighting a hopeless battle
Each time they rise
They fall

Leave it be then
Unshed and unasked


Trace the gentle curve
As candelight brings a soft glow
Skin shining in the light
Allow the charcoal to flow
Gently over the page
Tracing out the lines seen
As she smiles at you
Her eyes shine and gleam

The flickering glow shows
A beautiful sight to see
As she stands there still
Quiet and patiently
Waiting for your strokes
On parchment fine and stretched
Smiling as she thinks
Of the portrait you have sketched

Draw well, as hands are moved
By angels of the heart
Careful strokes leaving traces
Of beauty and art
Caress her skin gently
With your eyes
As flickering light fades
Do not let it disguise


Let the tears flow
Don't keep them pent up
Behind a dam of flat
Hiding from the world

Feel the pressure build
As each tear forms
Is held back
For release

One day the dam will break
Flat expression turn to sadness
Tears flowing freely
Scourging all in their way
Leaving channels
Raw and bleeding
In their wake

So let them flow