Tuesday, 25 February 2014

My Heart

Come, demon, into my heart
Come now, demon, I pray
You are welcome here, come stay
There, now we have made a start

You are welcome here, demon
Welcome to live and play
I'm sure you will want to stay
You shall see, before too long

You're not the first, oh no
Not the first by far
They come, they try so hard
Then they always go

So please stay, demon dear
Stay just a little while
Show me that toothy smile
There's a place for you right here

I cleared out my heart for you
I left it spick and span
You staying is part of the plan
I want you, demon, I do

After all, there's nothing left for me
I scrubbed it all away
No emotions now can sway
I need you, don't you see?

Why do you run, demon
Why do you go away?
Why can't you just stay?
For a little while, even?

Another one lost to me
I guess I should expect it
If I had a heart it would feel hurt
I feel nothing now, you see

So time to keep on searching
At least I'm not still hurting

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