Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Cheer Up Emu Kid

Cheer up Emu Kid!
Life ain't that bad
Look at the world around you
Don't be so sad!

Cheer up Emu Kid!
Things are going to be great
The world out there is ready for you
So why stay here and wait?

But, but, but, cries Emu Kid
My world is full of pain
No one understands me
I'm stuck here in my brain!

I want to fly, cries Emu Kid
I want to see the world
But these useless stumps of wings
Can't even be unfurled

They can't flap and I can't fly
Useless waste of space
Just let me hide away again
I don't want to see your face

Cheer up Emu Kid!
It's not that bad
Your wings don't work, sure
But don't be sad

See those legs?
Strong and swift
With nice sharp talons
Give those a lift!

You've got class, you've got style
You've got so much to give
Cheer up and run, Emu Kid!
Get out there and live

Don't tell me buts, Emu Kid
I don't want to hear you but
So go on, run, fast as hell!
Go and have a strut!

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