Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Sun Sets

The sun sets
Slowly sinking beyond the horizon
A soft glow fills the air
Shades of reds and yellows
Shadows lengthening
Twisting in the glow
Taking shapes of monsters fantastic

The sun sets
Waves crash softly on the beach
The sand still warm from day's heat
A stiff wind blows
Chasing birds over land
Squawking, they make themselves known
Crowding the trees
Filling the sky with noise and colour

The sun sets
Couples walk hand in hand
Climbing the mountain
Looking out over green land
Yet only seeing each other
The red glow not from the sun
They sit and share silence
Communicating without words

The sun sets
A lone dog stares at the sky
Lifts his muzzle and sounds
Clear howl across the sky
A call taken up by others
Again and again
They greet the coming night

The sun sets

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