Saturday, 11 January 2014

My Sad

I found a sad one lonely day
Just curled up on my bed
He looked so small and lonely
I scritched him on the head

The sad looked at me with big brown eyes
I picked hum up to hold
Pulled him closely to my chest
He felt scared and cold

My sad has long dark fur
With patchy spots of grey
When I stroke my sad I cry
But why I cannot say

My sad sometimes sleeps with me
When I go to bed at night
Sometimes I think he sneaks beside me
Just to give a fright

When my sad isn't with me
I feel a bit more light
But then he comes and hugs me
And somehow that seems right

My sad is getting older now
His coat has turned more grey
We still spend time together though
Nearly every day

We don't have to talk
It's enough he's there
I talk to my sad and stroke him
He shows me that he cares

One day I'll have to let my sad go
When we both are ready
But not for a long time yet
Even thinking it makes me unsteady

I found a sad one lonely day
He's been with me ever since then
I feel less lonely when he's around
My sad, my pal, my friend

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