Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The windswept tor looms over the fens
The cold wind blows, people wish for their beds
A night bird screeches, filling the air
From whence did it come, from over there?
Or perhaps further away in the dark dark forest
Where people who venture are often lost
Ne'er to be seen again, at least in this life
Though spirits are drawn to the sound of the fife
Or other such sounds, as the tales go
If they are true is not for us to know
For who would dare venture into the deep dark woods
Who would go forth, where none of us could
Are any so brave, so foolish, so restless
As to venture so far, be so reckless
And find the answers, the truth that they seek?
Well, none there are, not this month, not this week
Some brave young souls ventured out not too long ago
Armed with the axe, and the sword, and the bow
The went forth under the bright light of day
And did we see them again?
The answer is nay
They remain lost, far from this place
You can see from the look on the old man's face
They will not come back, with their axe and their bow
They are lost to us now, strange paths to follow
For they did not listen, did not understand
That the woods are not ours, there, those trees stand
Alone and apart, yet joined as if one
Their darkest depths hidden from the sun
Who knows what goes on in those deep dark ways
Hidden from view, the sun, the turning of days
Hidden from us, from mere mortal eyes
Hidden away in shadow and lies
So when the cold wind blows over the tor above
And all that is heard is the mournful dove
Think of those lost, ne'er to be found
Think of their bones on the soft wet ground
Think of the last sight that they may have seen
Think of the trees, the bark, the green
Think to yourself, would you pay the cost?
Would you venture forth, only to be lost
Lost to all who love, who care, who see
Lost to the mountains, the mist and the sea
Think of the price you would pay, brave young soul
And think to yourself, would this leave me whole
If you choose to go forth, into the dark
Know that it is not simply a lark
Know that you will not return
Know that it is your grave you earn.

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