Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The Swim

Slide a toe in The water cool
Yet calming on heat of exertion
Slowly pull sweat-soaked clothes away from skin
Leave folded neatly
No need to be untidy
No need for mess
A small pyramid left
Watch and glasses on top
Now nothing between skin
And the night-time air
Small goosebumps appear
As vestigal hairs attempt to rise
Doomed to failure
Once again

Stride in
Feel the sand beneath feet
Waves pushing against skin gently
Slowly going deeper
Dive forward
Under the wave
Under the water
Ignore the shock
Feel the freedom
As sand underfoot turns to water
And waves to a gentle rise
And fall

Sink down below
Watch the sky slowly fade
Covered with deep darkness
Then rise again
Breach the surface
With desperate gasp
And enjoy life-giving air
Then see on horizon
The dark shape
The goal
The island so close
Within reach of a desperate grasp

So swim
Slowly and surely
Following the soft silver glow of the moon
Towards the island
Rising and falling with the swell
Losing sight but not hope
Each time sinking down
Only to rise again

Yet the island stays
Distant and tempting
Unwilling to move
Traced in shades of dark
As the swim continues

Feel the cold seep in slowly
Cooling the fires of passion
Slowly drawing away strength
The cold hands of every wave pull
Each time a little deeper

Watching the moon slowly fade
The island feels close now
Just a moment away
A moment

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