Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The Park

The old man sits and smiles
Throwing bread to the ducks
Who gather at his feet
Worshipping the giant bringing them manna
And sharing with all who attend
He laughs and tells them secrets

The young girl runs alongside the path
String trailing behind her
Balloon shifting in the wind
She cries out in delight
Wishing she could see what the balloon sees

The child cries
Fallen and hurting, he reaches up into the sky
His mother holds him
Comforts him
He runs again, dodging between seats

The woman sits under a tree
Immersed in her book
In her mind she is in space
Lasers blasting
Shields failing
She turns a page

The lovers relax
Spread on their rug
Stomachs full of food
Eyes full of each other
To themselves they are alone

The dog runs
Not heeding distant shouts
Losing herself in scents and excitement
Tongue lolling as she pants
Freedom, for a moment

The old women laugh
Sharing stories of youth
Now long distant
Only existing in memories
To be shared over again

The old man sits and smiles
Knowing all that passes in his domain
Sharing secrets with his ducks

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