Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The Island

Sitting in the failing light
Listening to the gentle roar of the ocean
Seeking to devour the land
Striving with each breaking wave
And then retreating again

A cold wind blows
Pushing the waves further onto the beach
Brining the taste of salt inland
Moulding the trees into strange shapes
Bent and twisted

The Island
Close to the shore
Seemingly close enough to touch
Yet far distant
Silent and immobile
Challenging all to seek it out
Or remain lesser
Unable to meet the challenge

To meet that challenge then
Remains the sole task
Slide slowly into the water
Brave the pull of the tide
The roar of the waves
Traverse the depths of blue
Reach the final goal
So close, yet
Astonishingly far

And to fail?
To fail yet try
A worthy ambition
To surrender to the gentle caress
Not an abhorrent fate
Slide into the depths
Allow the surrender
The peace
Away from the noise and sound of a world gone mad
A final rest
A worthy goal

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