Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The Hole

The deep dark hole into which everything falls
A vast gaping pit leading down, ever down
Lining the sides, screaming monsters showing claws
Pulling desperately down to drown

How easy it is to gently relax
Slide deep down into the pit
Let the world seep through the cracks
Drift down and submit

Let the worries and cares of the world abate
Cast yourself into the deepest dark
There is no need to try to create
Meaning, life, a heart

When there is nothing left to lose
When all has faded to shades of black
What else is there but to choose
To exit this world, who's care you lack

How easy it is to let it all go
Let the claws dig in and hold
Lose yourself in that desperate flow
Down headfirst so dark and cold

Throw yourself in and drown
Deep into the darkest belly of the beast
Let not your burdens weight you down
For now they will have ceased

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