Wednesday, 1 January 2014


She sits and she stares at the stars up above her.
Why? she asks.
Why are stars there? Why are they not here amongst us?

The stars watching overhead say nothing. They never do.

The fire burns slowly, fading into soft yellows and reds. She watches a coal slowly disintegrate into ashes.
Why? she asks.
Why does the fire burn? Why does it not leap in joy and heat?

The cooling ashes say nothing. They never do.

The mother cries as another child is slowly lowered into the cold unfeeling embrace of the earth.
Why? she asks.
Why does the cruelty continue? Why was another life taken so soon?

The earth says nothing. It never does.

She sits in her chair, at the end of her life. Full of hardship and joy, now death approaches.
Why? she asks.
Why have I always been? Why has it not been someone else?

Death answers her.

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