Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Rain Falls

The rain falls
Soft trickles run down the window
As the car drives away
Tyres throwing water aside
Only for the puddles to be filled again
Now dark and muddy

The night sky is dark
Stars hidden by dim clouds
The moon lies hidden in shadow
Only occasional flashes of light appear
As distant thunder rumbles and rolls
Even the sound of a far distant engine now silent

The rain falls still, unnoticed as the tears that fall
He is leaving, never to return
That much is clear no matter what he says
As he drives off into the night
The clouds darken the skies
But they are not as dark as her heart

The sun dawns, the rain has stopped
The tears flow even now
As clouds slowly clear, revealing a sky so blue
They flow, one by one falling down cheeks wet with sorrow
The sun does not shine here

Another storm, another clouded night
Yet the only sound is the rain
All else is still
The river rages, bursting with water
lowing wildly, branches and debris swirling
Raging against the constraints of banks of earth

She stands there watching
Letting the rain fall on her
Over her
Through her
What is left now, she wonders
But to end it, finish it
He will not return

So she leaps
Flies, free for the first time in her life
Soars high above the clouds, to where the sun and moon and stars shine

The soft crunch of gravel
Water, muddy and unclean, splashes away
There is no more to replace it
He has travelled long to be here
Desperate to see her
Hoping against hope
Reconciled against the fear she has forgotten him

Crossing a bridge, he does not see
A small white cross
Wilting flowers
He is fixed on his goal
As rain falls

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