Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Into My Mind

My mind is a sea of thoughts that are not thoughts
Words that have lost all meaning
Blank spaces where ideas are meant to go
Empty spots where once there was screaming

Swirling in a maelstrom, spinning round and round
Ideas, identities start to fall
Listen closely, if you dare
To their voice, their scream, their call

A whirlwind of colours
Shining, shimmering, blending into one
Until suddenly a flash, and then
The darkness has come

A sole flickering light
Bursts into flame
Then dies out
Gone before it came

But in that moment of light
What horrors stood revealed?
Far better to stay in the dark
Leave them concealed

All is blank now
All is still
Again the peace of not knowing
On the surface all tranquil

Under the surface though
Tentacles reaching
Listen closely
You will hear the screeching

A thousand tormented souls scream
Their everlasting defiance
Screaming against this
The unholy alliance

All tightly contained
Inside my mind
While on the outside
I hide and leave behind

Consider this well, when venturing in
What lurks beneath the surface
Watch and be warned, oh traveller
There is much to hurt us

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