Wednesday, 1 January 2014

I Fade Away

I fade away
As winter fades under the onslaught of the sun
Cold replaced slowly with heat
Growths starting
Darkness replaced with light
Pouring into souls and minds
Poisoning the elegant darkness

I fade away
As the tide covers the sand
Wiping away all traces left
Patterns and artworks created with love and care
Their fate a reminder that all must go
As the waves wash over, higher and higher
Leaving nothing but a blank canvas
Covered in water

I fade away
As clouds part and move
Lifegiving rain dries slowly
Yet too soon is just a memory
Dry dusty soil covering the Earth
Leaving nothing to live
Baked by the sun

I fade away
As memories fade over time
Nothing left but fond recollection
The pains and triumphs merging into haze
The sorrow and suffering that make life real
Lost in the mists of time

I fade away
As all things fade
Leaving nothing but faint impressions
Hints of memories
 The smallest traces of existence
Nothing more

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