Wednesday, 1 January 2014

How Long

She asked me how long I would sleep
Until the world ends
And the birds fall from the sky
Until the walls crumble
And the cities lie in ruins
Until shadows take the lands
And all that remains is dust

She asked me how long I would weep
Until the oceans run dry
And are filled again with tears
Until the sun burns no more
And all is frozen in endless night
Until the very stones themselves are cracked
And ground into finest dust

She asked me how long I would try
Until old age condemns
And naught is left of spirit
Until all ventures have been tried
And hope is a distant memory
Until my feet are worn and blistered
And only stumps remain

She asked me why I would die
I told her the truth
And watched her cry in sorrow
I showed her my heart
And felt hers break asunder
I shared with her my mind
And saw her understand

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