Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Each Tear Tells A Story

 Rolling down the cheek
One at a time
Leaving a trail of moisture
A soft glistening line

Mix of salt and water
Expressing fear or rage
Grief, anger, sorrow
Across many a stage

Each tear tells a story
Of moments of great pain
Perhaps watching a loved one
Leaving on a train

Each tear tells a story
Of memories and grief
Those taken from us
Fallen like a leaf

Each tear tells a story
A moment of unbridled joy
Of happiness so great
There is no need to be coy

Each tear tells a story
So what of those unshed
Those left behind, held back
Stories left unsaid

For each tear that is withheld
What then is the cost
For surely it is not the case
These emotions are just lost

Suppressed, kept aside
Not seeing light of day
Can this be a healthy approach
Is this a healthy way

These tears unshed, left bottled up
'til pressure reaches peak
When vessel cracks, what then will go
What violence shall they wreak

Perhaps is best then
Leave them be
Pressure contained

For if each tear tells a story
That does not want to be heard
Then leave them unshed
Let them be cloistered

After all, to be numb
Allows a sense of peace
Hiding the screams
Avoiding their release

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