Wednesday, 1 January 2014


In my mind is a deep chasm
Leading into a dark void
Where nothing exists, but nothing can exist
In that state of nothingness a burning fire
Narrow, but slowly creeping wider

Teetering on the edge I stand
Looking into the fiery void
Staring and wondering
What would happen if
If I cast myself in
But I stand
Barely holding against the tide

Across the chasm a bridge is being built
Inch by inch spanning the gap
Pale stones reflecting nothing
Reflecting fire
Reflecting the void, and absorbed
Foundations driven deep into the earth give strength
While the chasm grows
Cracks appear
Small and hidden

The questions rise with the stones
Should I try
Cross the bridge
Should I jump
Fall into the void
Should I stay
Teetering on the brink of destruction

Tonight I stay
Tempted but unmoving
Wanting to try, to cast myself into the depths
Wanting to stay, to cross the bridge
Ever wanting that which cannot be
An end to the void

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