Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A Phantom

There's as phantom outside my window
I can hear him at night
Rattling his chain as he paces
Yet still he does not fright

There's a spirit in the ceiling
I can hear her sometimes moan
As she moves ever so slowly
I wonder if she feels alone

There's a monster in my wardrobe
Hiding in the shoes
I catch a glimpse just sometimes
It seems very confused

I wonder what they think of me
Monster, phantom, spirit
I wish I had the nerve sometimes
To ask them come to visit

We could have tea and scones
Fresh baked in the oven
And if they did not eat
I'll take scones by the dozen

But up till now I have not asked
My friends to come and see me
Maybe they'll be too scared
After all, I am a banshee!

Bonus Track

I lie in my bed and look back on my life
The pain, the lies
The joys and triumphs
A giant scale, weighing the measure of a man

Is my heart light as a feather?
I think not
I am scarred with memories

All the times when I stood by silent
The times when I spoke with silver tongue
The hurts, the wounds caused and taken
How could this be balanced
What good could help lift my heart
So black
So lost

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